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Organics separation helps reduce methane

GUEST OPINION /// Food waste disposal

Changing habits is never easy. For many, the concept of saving organic waste such as food scraps and dumping them in our green yard waste bins has carried a “yuck” factor, but once we adjust, we will never feel comfortable dumping them in our gray trash bins again. Education and outreach are critical to our success. Let’s start with the […]

Say no to Kanan Road housing

Adding more than 500 housing units at Kanan and Thousand Oaks Boulevard presents a significant safety issue for residents in Agoura Hills and Oak Park. Anyone who had to evacuate three years ago due to the fire knows the danger; we were not able to leave in a timely manner. Hundreds of additional housing units will make matters worse and […]

Vaccine is safe and effective

I read with interest the comments on my last letter (“Protests aren’t beneficial,” Oct. 28). To Ms. Zait: I feel for your friends and anyone injured by the vaccine. You don’t say how bad or how many. In fact, in the whole population, serious vaccine side effects are rare. In the USA, nearly 200-million people have been vaccinated and very […]

Auto dealer likes ‘Giving Tuesday’

On Tues., Nov. 30, the world celebrates the biggest day of generosity: Giving Tuesday. Created in 2012, it was a simple idea to encourage people to do good. It is now a year-round global movement that inspires giving back. Whether it’s making someone smile or supporting an important issue you care about, no amount is considered too little. At Anderson […]

Las Virgenes communities might land in new districts

A commission charged with redrawing boundaries for California’s congressional, Assembly, state Senate and Board of Equalization districts last week issued a set of preliminary maps that could leave the area’s political neighborhoods looking much different than they do now. The commission—comprised of five Republicans, five Democrats and four people not affiliated with either party—works at the state level to redraw […]

Recording pro sets up CLU studio

Agoura resident puts experience to work

Agoura Hills recording engineer Benny Faccone has put his stamp on a diverse international songbook that includes American rockers X and Tom Petty, Mexican singer El Buki, “King of Pop” Michael Jackson and pop legend Barbra Streisand. The 68-year-old also has worked alongside several A-list producers such as Quincy Jones, David Foster and Phil Ramone. Faccone, a graduate of Berklee […]

Ride on

Bus riders in Ventura County can now use a single, touch-free system to pay for fares on any of the county’s regional buses. The Ventura County Transportation Commission has launched VCbuspass, a contactless fare collection system that allows passengers to pay for fares on any of eight Ventura County regional bus systems. With VCbuspass, riders can buy bus passes online […]

Built to Quilt

Annino back with Santa Comes to Agoura

George Annino of Oak Park returns to the charity he founded some 40 years ago, Santa Comes to Agoura and Beyond, in an effort to make the coming holidays a little brighter for area veterans in need. The 80-year-old Annino, who is by some counts the longest, steadily serving volunteer in Conejo-Las Virgenes history, left Santa Comes to Agoura several […]