Reach your local sheriff

Residents who live in Agoura Hills, Calabasas, Chatsworth, Hidden Hills, West Hills or Westlake Village may contact the Los Angeles County Sheriff ’s Department Lost Hills Station at (818) 878-1808. Oak Park resident s should call the Ventura County Sheriff ’s Office at (805) 654-2380.

Fiction’s connection to the community


Today, The Acorn reveals the winners of its 12th annual Fiction in a Nutshell contest. It’s not easy to write poignant prose in just 100 words, but the talented contestants in our under-18 and 18-and-over age groups proved they were equal to the task. We received more than 60 submissions, and read stories that piqued our imagination, made us laugh, […]


Empty buildings can be utilized

Traffic! More than 2,000 new car trips a day will be generated by adding 564 apartments to our three neighborhood shopping centers located at Kanan Road and Thousand Oaks Boulevard. This will severely impact our residents’ everyday lives. Why is our City Council allowing this when empty offices and other properties exist as viable alternative housing sites? The cities of […]

Cities missing out on pot tax

Cities in Conejo Valley are missing an opportunity to potentially generate multiple millions of dollars in annual tax and fee revenue by not permitting non-retail cannabis manufacturing and distribution. Prop. 64 legalized cannabis statewide, which was the most common reason why it was unjustifiably branded immoral. Cannabis is much safer than alcohol. Many health professionals believe that alcohol is worse […]

To person who found the phone

We would like to thank the Good Samaritan who found and turned in my boyfriend’s phone to a local sheriff on Wed., Nov. 3. The phone was found at Thousand Oaks Boulevard and La Baya. We are so grateful to the officer who answered my boyfriend’s phone when I called it and met us to return the phone. What a […]

Opposed to ‘executive’ rule

Rome was once ruled by tyrants who governed by fiats and personal whims. These rulers ended Rome’s republic form of government. Today, America is being governed by executive actions and mandates. So I ask, is history repeating itself? And if you are complaining about masks and vaccination mandates, you only have yourself to blame by electing the same people, party […]

Disliked story on McConnell’s wife

I read your Nov. 4 issue here in Westlake Village; interesting that you are getting more controversial and opinionated. Helps readership, no doubt. Problem is, you left out salient facts about a person on your business page: Elaine Chao. Did you know that she is married to Mitch McConnell? Yes, that same senator from Kentucky now running the country now […]

The impact of inflation

While the October jobs announcement was positive, there are still millions of Americans no longer in the workforce. The wages of those people who are working are not keeping up with the surging inflation rate, so, in real purchasing power, Americans are falling further behind economically. Over the last 20 months, this pandemic has been a financial catastrophe for millions […]

Stylish dog toggery sparks teen’s biz

Pandemic hobby turns into cash

What started as a hobby to provide accessories for her dog’s Instagram account turned into a business for 14-year-old Natalie Kahn, a ninth-grader at Calabasas High School. “It all started with my own French bulldog, Angus, and his Instagram account @angus_ frenchbully,” Natalie said. “I used the time during the quarantine to dress him up in fun outfits and take […]