Public will dip its toe back into Halloween


Halloween is Sunday and costumed kids will once again spend the evening hunting and gathering their prized bounty of toothsome treats—or will they? Unlike last year when children and families mostly sheltered in place due to pandemic fright, activity this weekend could see a return to normalcy, although we’re not entirely counting on it. Rules are still in place, and […]


Not happy about anti-vax letter

In reference to the letter by Therese Ember (Oct. 21): I am very disappointed in The Acorn for allowing misinformation to be published. Having to add a note from the editor stating, “some facts are incorrect,” leads to the question of why would you allow this misleading information to be published. We should be trying to convince the unvaccinated to […]

Protests aren’t beneficial

As a physician, I am deeply saddened by the angry anti-vaccination protests in our area. Such protests reflect a major misunderstanding of how pandemic control works and the benefits vs. risks of vaccines. Pandemics are controlled by isolating infected cases, measures to prevent spread such as masks and social distancing, and vaccination, the latter being the most effective measure. Refusing […]

Disinformation was harmful

In your Oct. 21 edition, you printed dangerous and inaccurate nonsense from a Therese Ember of Oak Park regarding COVID vaccines. At the end of the 10-paragraph letter, you added an editor’s note correcting some but not nearly all of the writer’s assertions, but still you printed the letter under the title “Comments about deadly vaccine.” The letter states that […]

Community member missed

To the family of Fred Bukowski: I am so sorry to hear that Fred is gone from this world. I lost track of him after ’73 when we graduated. He is a kindred spirit. Fred was the best water polo goalie in the league because of his reach, almost spanning the entire width of the goal. Coming back from a […]

Issues with the animal shelter

In regard to two letters on The Acorn article about the lawsuit brought by two rescue groups against Los Angeles County Animal Control, it’s debatable if the Agoura shelter is the best in L.A. Even if that were so, it’s part of a system that makes it a priority to kill animals rather than assess them correctly to allow adoption. […]

Unhappy with Morrison upkeep

I am disturbed that the Morrison Ranch HOA board of directors is not interested in modernizing the landscaping of the neighborhood, i.e., replacing vast swaths of grass throughout the tract with drought-tolerant plants. Throughout Agoura Hills, this has been done already with beautiful, aesthetic, grand results. I recently approached the HOA board about this issue. In response, I was told: […]

‘Cancel culture’ cuts both ways

I see where the self-righteous defender of the cult wrote a letter condemning those of the “cancel culture” and in defense of Mr. Gruden. I appreciate the effort and, yes, some mistakes should be forgiven no matter how many times the perpetrator commits them. I am also sure that the writer also must mean the right-wingers are members of the […]

No defense for John Gruden

Predictably, and as if unable to contain his involuntary gut level response towards the im- pending extinction of his way of thinking, letter writer Brian Goldenfeld once again rises from the primordial ooze to defend the indefensible. As many of you know, the owner of the Las Vegas Raiders was recently forced to release head coach Jon Gruden due to […]