Monday walk-out opens new wounds


The call came into the office Tuesday afternoon, a person wanting to know why our coverage of Monday’s rally in Westlake Village against the school vaccine seemed so “negative.” Why our story posted online was bent on mentioning protesters turning clenched fists toward the sky, while sheriff’s deputies stood nearby. Why it was necessary to report on a student threat […]

In memory of Fred Bukowski

I am in shock and grieved to tell you that my younger brother, Fred Bukowski, a Navy veteran, retired postal worker and longtime reservist at Pt. Mugu Naval Air Station, died very suddenly from the COVID-19 virus. He was not vaccinated. Fred was only 65 years old and physically very strong, an avid life-long surfer with no underlying heath issues. […]

Too many homes in the works

The state of California is mandating our city allow for 318 new housing units. Why do we need to build even one more residential unit than 318? Is our city only doing this for the benefit of the developers? Pat MacGregorAgoura Hills

No more housing on Kanan Road

It has come to the attention of our Oak Park community that there is a proposal to build affordable housing in the three shopping centers at the corners of Thousand Oaks Boulevard and Kanan Road including Ralphs, Vons and the Agoura Deli. As a longtime resident of Oak Park, since 1976, this needs to be stopped. Kanan Road in Oak […]

Animal shelter ‘best one’ in L.A.

The front page article in the Oct. 14 Acorn does a great disservice to the Agoura Hills Animal Shelter and to our very loving and caring community. The article refers to a lawsuit filed on behalf of a rescue that tried to adopt two dogs from the Agoura shelter. Although I don’t know any of the facts about that specific […]

Euthanasia rate misrepresented

The Acorn’s Oct. 14 article regarding the Agoura Hills Animal Care Center provides an inaccurate picture of the euthanasia rate at this animal shelter. The article reported that 64% of the animals are euthanized, but does not note that these are mostly injured wildlife that cannot be saved. Department statistics, which are available on the department’s website, show that only […]

New call for wildlife funding

I was shocked and saddened to learn recently that even though the Liberty Canyon Wildlife Crossing has been approved, there is still a small amount of money needed for its completion— around $13 million. As a casual reader of The Acorn, I grew very excited with the news that this wonderful project had become a “done deal.” But now, I […]

Comments about deadly vaccine

I’m a registered nurse and am deeply alarmed by the atrociously unacceptable amount of lethal and absolutely gruesome COVID vaccine adverse effects. Please do not tell the public in your newspaper that these COVID experimental injections are “safe.” They are far from it. The 1976 swine flu vaccine program involving 50 million Americans was stopped because it killed 53 Americans—53 […]

In defense of John Gruden

Once again cancel culture raises its ugly head. For those of us who spent time in a football team locker room, making negative references to other players is common, and no malice is intended. Remember what Serena Williams said about Maria Sharapova after losing a match to her? Nobody knows what was going through Jon Gruden’s mind when he wrote […]

‘Gentle giant’ taken by virus

Strong, active man succumbs

Fred Bukowski didn’t die, as he’d quip to friends he might, in a fall from his motorcycle. He didn’t succumb to the french fries and onion rings and pizza he so enjoyed. And the 65-year-old didn’t meet his maker doing what he loved most, surfing. The U.S. Navy veteran, who was John Wayne rugged, with not an ounce of fat […]