2021-09-30 E-Edition

One year later: hope, prayer, and a day in court

Iskander parents, Grossman attorney break silence

One year ago, their lives changed in an instant—the hopes and dreams that Nancy and Karim Iskander once held for their two their oldest sons, Mark and Jacob, extinguished in a heartbeat. In the four-child family, two siblings were left without their older brothers—struck and killed by a car said to be speeding through a Westlake Village crosswalk—and two parents […]

Annenberg name given to Agoura wildlife crossing

The National Wildlife Federation’s #SaveLACougars team and the Annenberg Foundation announced last week that the proposed wildlife bridge at Liberty Canyon in Agoura Hills will be named the Wallis Annenberg Wildlife Crossing. The announcement follows a series of major funding milestones that leave the campaign only $6.2 million short prior to the expected start of construction at the end of […]

Spike in North Ranch crime

A criminal gang from South America has targeted the North Ranch area of Oak Park and Thousand Oaks in a series of recent residential burglaries. The crew allegedly breaks into homes all around the country— and even internationally—but this year it has increased its efforts locally. In all of 2018 and 2019 there were a total of 35 residential burglaries […]

Demolition continues for field lab buildings

Peeking up over the hills near Simi Valley, not far from the northern reaches of Oak Park, the remaining buildings from the decades-old Santa Susana Field Lab offer a glimpse back in time to the early days of America’s Atomic Age. The buildings act like a time machine for Brian Sujata, sparking memories of when he began working at the […]

where the wild things are

Thousands of feral cats roam the county

Kate Hurley has been a cat lover her whole life, which led her to take a job as an animal control officer in Santa Cruz County some 30 years ago. She enjoyed the adventurous aspects of the job in the semi-rural county, like rescuing opossums from washing machines, trapping rattlesnakes that frightened people and catching injured seagulls. But one thing […]

Attention all writers: Pen your best fiction

Listen up all storytellers: Entries are being accepted in The Acorn’s 2021 Fiction in a Nutshell competition, which calls for complete stories of 100 words or fewer (title not included). All topics are invited. Fiction only (no memoir or real-life tales). This is the contest’s 12th year, and popular genres include science fiction, romance, comedy, adventure and horror. Each year […]


The anniversary that didn’t have to be


One year ago on Wednesday, life came to a halt for the Westlake Village Iskander family. A vehicle sped through a crosswalk on Triunfo Canyon Road and struck and killed their two oldest sons, Mark, 11, and Jacob, 8. For 12 months, the parents and two surviving siblings have endured the unimaginable pain of losing a loved one. We shudder […]

Agoura housing plan falls short

The Agoura Hills City Council has approved a map of some 20 sites for their upcoming general plan housing update. This new map allows massive upzoning at one of the worst intersections traffic-wise in our city. This new plan allows the development of hundreds of new housing units at our shopping centers: Vons, 200 units; Ralphs, 220 units; and Deli […]