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'Paywall' removed

The new millennium has been a transformative time for newspaper publishing.

Changing reader habits and the advent of new technology have placed big demands on companies in the print news business.

The Acorn and its parent company, Times Media Group, understand that their biggest responsibility is not only the delivery of credible, relevant information in a timely fashion, but making sure residents have easy access to the publication when stories become available.

That’s why we’re super excited about the news being shared today.

Following a five-year stretch in which Acorn readers were given the option of purchasing online subscriptions to the paper, that so-called “paywall” is coming down.

“Mr. Publisher, tear down this wall,” the late President Ronald Reagan might have once said.

And so we did.

Starting immediately, all online content from our five Acorn publications will be available at no charge to the reader, meaning a paid subscription is no longer required to click and read articles. The weekly Acorn has always been delivered to your driveway at no cost—that more than 40-year tradition will continue—and from now on The Acorn on the internet will be free as well.

Why the change?

The Acorn is your community newspaper, and we want to make sure it stays that way. We believe it’s important that residents feel a connection to the stories we write and also learn about the businesses that advertise in their community. The absence of a paywall is the best way to ensure this free-flow of information remains.

We also invite readers to sign up for the new, easy-to-read Acorn newspaper e-edition delivered weekly to your e-mail. Viewed on mobile, desktop or laptop, the pages are super easy to navigate and, free, just like the print paper.

Local journalism is first gear in the engine that drives America’s free press, and a free press it shall be.


2021-09-16 E-Edition

Heave ho!

‘Auditor’ crew sets hooks in Old Agoura

FREE Men cause First Amendment confrontation with locals

First Amendment rights are sacrosanct in America, but sometimes the expression of free speech is pushed to the limit and problems arise. One man was cited for battery, and other residents became shaken and afraid following an encounter with a self-described “First Amendment auditor” crew Sept. 5 in the quiet neighborhood of Old Agoura. Auditors roam public property and take […]

Agoura Hills Ave development sidelined

City Council upholds planning commission denial of homes, shops

The almost 15-year push to create a new town center for Agoura Hills south of the 101 Freeway suffered a major setback last week when the City Council voted to uphold denial of The Ave (Agoura Village East) development at the southeast corner of Kanan and Agoura roads, a key component in the city’s broader Agoura Village plan. The 4-1 […]

Tiny temblor gives Conejo Valley a wake-up call

Homeowners in the area awoke with a jolt Monday as a 3.6-magnitude earthquake tipped the scales just before 8 a.m. The Sept. 13 temblor—which was felt from as far away as Santa Barbara to the northwest and Beverly Hills to the east—was the first in the Conejo Valley since 2007, when a 3.4-magnitude quake hit near the Ventura County/Los Angeles […]

Newsom survives recall vote

ELECTION DAY—A voter casts his ballot at Agoura Hills City Hall in the Sept. 14 recall election against Gov. Gavin Newsom. Statewide, almost 64% of voters said no to the recall. In Los Angeles County the unofficial count was almost 71%, and in less liberal Ventura County the anti-recall vote was about 60%. Newsom’s regular term expires next year. Agoura […]

Linda Parks recall fails to gain required signatures

An attempt to force a special election to remove longtime Ventura County Supervisor Linda Parks from office has failed. A day after the Sept. 14 deadline to submit the required signatures, a spokesperson for the clerk-recorder’s office said they hadn’t received anything from the Recall Linda Parks campaign. The group, which has been gathering signatures since April, had until 5 […]

Cooler weather this week will help dogs and owners on the trail

The National Park Service is urging pet owners to think twice before hiking with animals during the 90- to 100-degree days. At least three dogs have died on local trails since July. NPS and search and rescue teams in Los Angeles and Ventura counties have reported half-adozen canine rescues in 2021. Most of the dogs were suffering from a heat […]


Time to change the Agoura Village plan


With its pristine weather, proximity to local population and gorgeous views of the Santa Monica Mountains, the stretch of Agoura Road from Kanan to Cornell in Agoura Hills has long been viewed by city land use planners as the ideal setting for a new town center. The Vons and Ralphs shopping centers across the freeway are currently the best the […]