One more time

Agoura boys, Westlake girls take top honors

They played for months on outdoor blacktops and in empty gyms. They played with masks covering their faces. They played without bellyaching, kvetching or whining . . . when they had every right to bellyache, kvetch and whine during a pandemic. They all deserve a standing ovation and a sincere round of applause. Here’s our first All-Acorn Basketball Team. We […]

Pro chef shares 5 tips for a more efficient kitchen

New technology frees up the cook

The kitchen has long been the heart of the home, and now more than ever is central to modern lifestyles. With 60% of Americans discovering a greater appreciation for cooking throughout the pandemic and planning to upgrade their kitchens as a result, Michelin-starred Chef Curtis Stone shares his favorite appliances, features and tips that have allowed his family to better […]

Simply spiritual: time heals, pastor makes low-key return

On a recent Saturday morning, dozens of people gathered in a small chapel near the beach to make a joyful noise. Women raised their hands in praise, men clapped and children roamed the aisles as the rhythm-driven choir lifted their voices. Everyone danced to the percussion of praise as the choir director fervently conducted those onstage. For all the exuberance, […]

Detective outlines popular scams

Message is clear: ‘Don’t be fooled’

P.T. Barnum might have been right about a sucker being born every minute—but that doesn’t mean you have to be one of them. Teaching the public about the latest and greatest con jobs is a favorite pastime of Ventura County Sheriff ’s Detective Tim Lohman, who knows the best way to avoid falling prey to scammers is to learn the […]