Summer promises to be more fun than ever


The Fourth of July has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean local residents are packing up the lawn chairs and heading back indoors. Summer is in full swing and residents are determined to enjoy the parks, restaurants, hiking trails, even beaches they were denied last year due to the pandemic. Here’s a rundown of our cities and the outdoor […]

Parks recall will be expensive

I just read another letter attacking Linda Parks. That twisted submission accuses her of being anti-business, but contains no facts but rather right-wing hysteria. I wonder when these zealots will realize that facts matter. The recall is mentioned, which just adds more fertilizer to the mix. I guess the letter writer and her cohorts don’t rely on voting anymore, just […]

Questions city housing policy

Senate Bill 330, the Housing Crisis Act of 2019, lists the reasons that California’s low-income residents need housing. The bill’s purpose is to improve conditions for California residents who are currently, among other things, “forced into crowded and unsafe housing” and “into a higher exposure to fire hazard.” It’s ironic that, in response to SB 330, the City of Agoura […]

Opposing views about the virus

Regarding the letter, “Specious letter to the editor,” letters to the editor at The Acorn should remain available to all who express tasteful opinions—both left and right leaning. However, reader Howard Rosenberg believes not. His recent view is that any contrarian opinion should be struck down as unproven and unpublished even thought mountains of evidence may support it. In January […]

‘Secular Jew’ stands with Israel

Hamas is not the “Elk’s Club,” and “God gave me real estate” is a pretty lame argument. Jews have had a constant presence in the Middle East since before the birth of Muhammad. The Arab “big lie” is that Jews are not Indigenous people, and if you believe that you might as well cut to the chase and deny the […]

Pence touts GOP values at Reagan Library

Despite a rocky political year in 2020, the future of the Republican Party remains bright, former Vice President Mike Pence told GOP members and supporters during a recent speech at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley. Their loss at the national level with Democrat Joe Biden defeating Donald Trump for the White House notwithstanding, Republicans experienced a number of successes […]

Recipe for success: good food, service, prices


The family-owned-and-operated El Tecolote restaurant in Camarillo takes its name from a Spanish word for owl, and it’s a very wise establishment indeed. For more than 70 years it has thrived in the area, supported by multi-generational families who even helped it survive the pandemic. Although the establishment has changed hands several times since its original owner, Mike Loza, first […]

On the trail for good food and wine

PONY team wins U-10 division

VICTORY—The Agoura PONY Baseball U-10 Mustang division team wins the championship against Simi White, 13-10, in a thrilling game on June 26. Back row, from left: Coach Matt Greene, Zack Greene and Cam Miller. Middle row: Dylan Theaker, Sean Stuart, Ben Karnak, Aidan Toohey, Zach Asher, Henry Ferguson and coaches Greg Toohey and Todd Stuart. Front row: Mason Muller, Brayden […]