Face coverings are ineffective

Have we been duped? The purpose of this letter is not to accuse anyone of a lack of intelligence because they religiously wear a face mask. The purpose is to simply point out proof of the ineffectiveness of face masks. I understand your fear. My background is in health and environment studies as it relates to particulate matter, measured in […]

Don’t sign Linda Parks recall

Supervisor Linda Parks has been the outstanding proponent for the preservation of open space and agricultural resources for our county of this generation. Her support of the SOAR initiative has resulted in a responsible development of the county avoiding urban blight while preserving our beautiful rural natural lands. Linda Parks also led the way to the development and passing of […]

Thank Parks, don’t boot her

As a Ventura County Supervisor, Linda Parks has helped in the preservation of thousands of acres of resource-packed open space, resulting in a ring of open space around the Conejo Valley that is unparalleled in the state of California. I applaud her commitment to open space preservation of the rugged, undevelopable wildlife-packed properties from willing sellers. Linda will be termed […]

Doubts cougars will use bridge

Cougars are extremely shy of humans and may not even try using the bridge. A web search for “successful cougar bridges” comes up empty. Obviously, none exist, so the Agoura bridge will be a $88-million experiment party paid for by tax money and also the largest unproven bridge. The coyotes will love it for the buffet of delicious smaller animals. […]

Ways to honor Earth Day

COVID has put a major crimp in my plans to celebrate Earth Day again this year. As a co-group leader of Conejo Valley Citizens’ Climate Lobby, I remember the pre-COVID month of April as being packed with Earth Day festivals, celebrations and street fairs, often so many it was challenging to attend them all. I welcomed the opportunity to chat […]

A future free of plastic pollution

COMMENTARY /// Earth Day 2021

The Great Wall of China is the heaviest human-made structure on the planet and took more than 200 years to build. It weighs an astounding 116 billion pounds and covers 13,171 miles. The statistics concerning another human-made product are more worrisome. Unless we curb our plastic production and disposal habits, we will dump the equivalent of 40 billion pounds of […]

Observing Ramadan safely yet gratefully

This Ramadan, it’s the little things that matter. Imam Muhammed Mehtar said the faithful are celebrating the holy month of fasting at the Islamic Center of Conejo Valley with gratitude and safety in mind. Last year’s Ramadan came as the pandemic had triggered restrictions on gatherings, and the traditional prayer gatherings at the mosque on Borchard Road were replaced by […]


The Woodland Hills Woman’s Club will host a Mother’s Day Spring Fling Boutique and raffle from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sat., April 24 at Woodland Hills Presbyterian Church, 5751 Platt Ave. Items for sale will include Mother’s Day baskets, flowers, flower orders, pottery, plants, gifts for mom, handmade pottery, baked goods, jewelry, clothing and handbags. The event will be […]

Street art at the museum


Agoura Hills Library The Agoura Hills Library is open for sidewalk service to pick up physical items from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays at 29901 Ladyface Court. The library also offers a variety of online reading groups. To place a hold on items, go to lacountylibrary.org/agoura hills-library or call (818) 889- 2278. Once patrons have received a notice that […]