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'Paywall' removed

The new millennium has been a transformative time for newspaper publishing.

Changing reader habits and the advent of new technology have placed big demands on companies in the print news business.

The Acorn and its parent company, Times Media Group, understand that their biggest responsibility is not only the delivery of credible, relevant information in a timely fashion, but making sure residents have easy access to the publication when stories become available.

That’s why we’re super excited about the news being shared today.

Following a five-year stretch in which Acorn readers were given the option of purchasing online subscriptions to the paper, that so-called “paywall” is coming down.

“Mr. Publisher, tear down this wall,” the late President Ronald Reagan might have once said.

And so we did.

Starting immediately, all online content from our five Acorn publications will be available at no charge to the reader, meaning a paid subscription is no longer required to click and read articles. The weekly Acorn has always been delivered to your driveway at no cost—that more than 40-year tradition will continue—and from now on The Acorn on the internet will be free as well.

Why the change?

The Acorn is your community newspaper, and we want to make sure it stays that way. We believe it’s important that residents feel a connection to the stories we write and also learn about the businesses that advertise in their community. The absence of a paywall is the best way to ensure this free-flow of information remains.

We also invite readers to sign up for the new, easy-to-read Acorn newspaper e-edition delivered weekly to your e-mail. Viewed on mobile, desktop or laptop, the pages are super easy to navigate and, free, just like the print paper.

Local journalism is first gear in the engine that drives America’s free press, and a free press it shall be.


2020-12-31 E-Edition

The Acorn’s best reader photos of 2020

Grossman pleads not guilty in Westlake pedestrian deaths

Nearly three months to the day after the collision that claimed the lives of Mark and Jacob Iskander, the woman alleged to be responsible was charged with two felony counts each of murder and gross vehicular manslaughter. She also faces one felony count of hit and run driving. Rebecca Grossman, 57, pleaded not guilty to all charges at her Dec. […]

Parents, schools figure out a way


The children are the future, and for a while the future looked bleak for the almost two dozen public schools that educate youth from Calabasas to Oak Park. Las Virgenes Unified School District encountered trouble before the pandemic even arrived. In the March 3 primary election, LVUSD’s $198-million bond measure for campus improvements went down to defeat, a crushing blow […]

Boom to bust, 2020 hits hard


It was a Friday the 13th like no other, a day that arrived with a bullwhip and a megaphone—and a not-so-subtle demand by authorities that people stay at home or risk death. On Fri., March 13, 2020, the second day into Gov. Gavin Newsom’s statewide lockdown order because of the coronavirus, shell-shocked local residents began hunkering down and adapting to […]

Courts, crimes, the scoop


The courts were not immune to the pandemic—justice slowed but did not stop. These are the lowlights. In April, Mary Urias, an employee of 5-Star Theatricals in Thousand Oaks was charged with multiple felonies, including grand theft, preparing false documents, forgery and identity theft. She is accused of stealing $130,000 from the company. Urias was on probation for a 2014 […]

Year off to a bad start with Kobe death in Calabasas


It was, perhaps, a bad omen, a precursor to a full year of heartbreak that would follow. It was, to be sure, a major, worldwide story that landed in our own backyard. On the morning of Sun., Jan. 26, a helicopter carrying former pro basketball player Kobe Bryant, 41, and his 13-year-old daughter, Gianna, crashed into a hillside in western […]


Local journalism can help guide us through 2021


Like most people this year, Acorn readers stood divided on the twin issues of politics and pandemic. In a normal year, we’d say that often there is more that unites us as a community than divides us, but not in 2020. As the local economy struggled to reopen and opinions about health orders differed wildly, residents struggled to find common […]

Online tough but ‘death is worse’

I am 17 years old. I should be visiting colleges to decide where I will spend the next four years of my life. I should be road-tripping with my friends and creating lasting memories as the days wind down to graduation. I should be going to sports games and dances at the school. I should be doing everything, anything, but […]