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'Paywall' removed

The new millennium has been a transformative time for newspaper publishing.

Changing reader habits and the advent of new technology have placed big demands on companies in the print news business.

The Acorn and its parent company, Times Media Group, understand that their biggest responsibility is not only the delivery of credible, relevant information in a timely fashion, but making sure residents have easy access to the publication when stories become available.

That’s why we’re super excited about the news being shared today.

Following a five-year stretch in which Acorn readers were given the option of purchasing online subscriptions to the paper, that so-called “paywall” is coming down.

“Mr. Publisher, tear down this wall,” the late President Ronald Reagan might have once said.

And so we did.

Starting immediately, all online content from our five Acorn publications will be available at no charge to the reader, meaning a paid subscription is no longer required to click and read articles. The weekly Acorn has always been delivered to your driveway at no cost—that more than 40-year tradition will continue—and from now on The Acorn on the internet will be free as well.

Why the change?

The Acorn is your community newspaper, and we want to make sure it stays that way. We believe it’s important that residents feel a connection to the stories we write and also learn about the businesses that advertise in their community. The absence of a paywall is the best way to ensure this free-flow of information remains.

We also invite readers to sign up for the new, easy-to-read Acorn newspaper e-edition delivered weekly to your e-mail. Viewed on mobile, desktop or laptop, the pages are super easy to navigate and, free, just like the print paper.

Local journalism is first gear in the engine that drives America’s free press, and a free press it shall be.


2020-12-10 E-Edition

Corps report details Rindge Dam removal

Approval means it can be down and out in about three years

The U.S Army Corps of Engineers approved a report last month that opens the door for the removal of Rindge Dam on Malibu Creek. Plans to remove the 100-foot high dam next to Las Virgenes Road south of Agoura Hills have been in the works for more than two decades. The Corps’ signing of the Malibu Creek Ecosystem Restoration Report […]

Dining ban creates outdoor eating disorder

FREE Restaurant chomping at the bit defies county health order

No one’s happy the coronavirus pandemic has lasted this long. Between the fatigue and the promise of a soon-to-be vaccine, some are chafing against the restrictions meant to curb the spread of the disease. The owners of Cronies Sports Grill on Kanan Road in Agoura Hills are firmly in the “sick of it” camp, and Monday the restaurant hosted a […]

More kids back to school, with trepidation

LVUSD third grade started Monday

Parents in the Las Virgenes Unified School District might be pleased their third-grader was able to return to class Dec. 7, but some teachers aren’t so enthusiastic. The district announced plans to bring back the third-grade students on Nov. 10, one day after kids in transitional kindergarten through second grade returned to class under the Los Angeles County waiver program. […]

Mask argument creates tense moment at mall

Initial reports of shots fired prove unfounded

An argument about the wearing of coronavirus masks resulted in panic and faulty rumors of shots fired on Dec. 5 at The Oaks mall in Thousand Oaks. “The fight was over one person not wearing a mask,” Ventura County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Capt. Eric Buschow told The Acorn. “One person confronted another and they began to fight, and at least […]


Here’s food for thought—be safe


“Life isn’t fair.” . . . is a statement by parents from the day we are born, and its meaning is undeniable. During the past nine months, the pandemic has cut through society with a painfully prejudicial sword, one that has left some businesses unscathed, but others deeply scarred. The worst of it has been felt by the so-called non-essential […]

Please take out, don’t dine in

I applaud Westlake Village for lower COVID stats, but I’ve never been a fan of outdoor dining when cases are rising. I suspect outdoor dining is not a super spreader event like parties, bars, funerals and church services where people congregate closely indoors without masks. But just because Ventura (County) allows it doesn’t mean it’s safe. Anywhere you are sitting […]

Truly understand the pandemic

The Acorn recently decided to stop publishing the toxic letters it received about the presidential election, but it seems some of the rancor has simply spilled over to the COVID debate. Is it really too much to ask for the debate to adapt at least a modicum of civility? And perhaps even align on a basic set of facts? For […]

Gives kudos to Acorn’s kids page

I scan the letters to the editor every week, while we’ve had to endure all the opinions going in every direction from the election to mask debates and eating out. I applaud The Acorn for neutrally publishing the community’s thoughts and feelings, and only stepping in when absolutely necessary to bring some order, set humanity back on track and focus […]