Handle your American flag with care


Yesterday was Veterans Day. Whether you placed a small flag on the grave of a soldier, sailor or airman who served the country, or you deployed a large flag in front of your home or in back of your pickup for the election, you may have noticed the material it’s made out of has changed. Increasingly, flags are constructed out […]

Narrow streets are much better

I disagree with your article “Making Westlake Boulevard safer is no easy road.” There is a very simple and proven solution: narrow the lanes. We build our residential roads like freeways with lanes that are 14 feet wide, just like the freeway. We are telling people to speed. In the book “The Walkable City” by Jeff Speck, there is a […]

Research proves crossing works

The wildlife crossing at Liberty Canyon is most certainly not an experiment, as crossings worldwide have demonstrated their effectiveness, sometimes within hours of the completion of construction. It has already been shown that animals do prefer crossings to open underpasses, as those are monitored and few, if any, animals make use of them, especially prey animal as they will not […]

Says Trump has been a victim

I recollect telling my friends in 2008 that Obama’s election would be the most divisive event in recent American history, not because of his race, but the fact he would pull into Washington, D.C. the corrupt Chicago political machine. That came to fruition as clearly evidenced by the incessant spread of hate speech, street rioting and looting, and the daily […]

Biden not mentally capable

Ms. Slayton’s letter last week was comprehensive and right on point. Those folks that disagree are more concerned with “talk” than “do”—I disagree with a lot of the “talk” also. However, I am not sure what more a president could get done to merit reelection. No previous president has gotten several Muslim nations to talk to Israel, let along coexist. […]

Donald Trump just got fired

Mr. Trump, the people have spoken. You’re fired! Brian TrushinskiOak Park

Likes Trump’s stellar economy

For those who repeat the lies fostered by our press and mainstream media against our president, I offer some of his accomplishments of his mere four years in office. We are now energy independent. He has brought manufacturing jobs back from China. Prior to the Wuhan virus, we were nearly a fully employed nation due to loosening regulations and reduced […]

Claims Biden votes are ‘bogus’

More than 70 million American citizens voted for President Trump, the most in history except for Joe Biden, who got five million more. But some of those Biden votes may be bogus; however, hard evidence is needed to define that. Back to President Trump: It is incredible that he received so many votes. He can go down to Palm Beach […]

Dealing with climate change

Scientists are predicting extreme heat in the future for Ventura County. The Union of Concerned Scientists, founded 50 years ago by scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, tracks and forecasts, among other things, extreme weather patterns. Last year, the UCS released a report providing historical temperature data for Ventura County and what we are faced with if we do […]

Newest school trustee puts community first

Children and the community in which they live have always been at the forefront of Kate Vadehra’s life. That’s why she pursued pediatric medicine; why she and her husband, Nippon, decided to raise their children in Bell Canyon; and why she spent the past four months campaigning for a position on the Las Virgenes Unified School District board of trustees. […]