Weintraub for City Council

All mothers are proud of their daughters. Mine shows extreme kindness, caring and compassion. These are the same qualities that she exudes when she deals with the Calabasas community that she so loves. Needless to say, Alicia Weintraub has done a great job for this city as its mayor. It seems like Alicia has had to deal with one crisis […]

Resident likes Linda Menges

As everyone is aware, this is a school year like no other. That is why my wife, Jill, and I are endorsing Linda Menges in her bid for another term on the Las Virgenes Unified School District Board of Education. Her record and the unwavering support she has given to innovative and ground-breaking changes and additions to the district’s educational […]

Good words for Peter Kraut

If you haven’t viewed Peter Kraut’s website, you’re missing out on really valuable information. In the “Perspectives” portion, it tells the reader what his focus as a City Council member will be. He will focus on issues that we all value about our city. Transparency in the government, is important to Peter, as it should be with all council members. […]

Clarification on Proposition 19

I wish to draw to your attention the falsehood in your banner summary of Mr. Slavin’s letter. Proposition 19 in no way increases any estate tax. It only closes a loophole in local property tax assessments. California does not have an estate tax. The federal estate tax, which exempts the first $11.5 million in value, is based on value at […]

Prop. 15 harms local businesses

Prop. 15, the California Tax on Commercial and Industrial Properties for Education and Local Government Funding Initiative, is a misleadingly labeled proposition that seeks to repeal Prop. 13 protection for commercial building owners. Prop. 13 was passed back in 1975 to limit property taxes based on what you paid for a property plus small incremental changes per year. When you […]

Fires have made insurance costly

When you grow up, one of the important factors in becoming an adult is having protection and paying for that specific protection, such as insurance. The definition of insurance is “a practice or arrangement by which a company or government agency provides a guarantee of compensation for specified loss, damage, illness or death in return for payment of a premium.” […]

Governors deserve blame

Sometimes one’s bias prevents clear understanding of what is written. Love him or hate him, the president has not prevented anyone from receiving a medication or having a surgery. However, some governors have done these things. I just refer to have these decisions made by my doctors. Richard RobinsonCalabasas

His opinion about the GOP

Americans must feel so proud when their president tweets out “The suburban housewife will be voting for me. They want safety and are thrilled that I ended the long running program where low income housing would invade their neighborhood. Biden would reinstall it in bigger form with Corey Booker in charge.” Classy, huh? He not only misspelled Booker’s name but […]

Landlords have been hurt

Due to the recent pandemic and the California governor’s and Legislature’s overreaching policies of basically permitting tenants to claim they have been affected by COVID for any reason, with no backup documentation or proof, landlords run the risk of never receiving rent payments, technically ever. I have been backed into a corner, trying to find tenants who are responsible and […]

Another cheer for the ash tree

On Sept. 3 the Rancho Simi Rec and Park District board reversed its earlier 3-2 vote on chopping down a huge ash tree at Mae Boyar Park and voted to save the tree. Unbelievable! Boards seldom reverse a vote. We can thank Oak Park tree warrior Carolyn Cass Barton for her unending pressure on Rancho Simi to do the right […]