It’s high time we legalize local marijuana


Cannabis consumption has been legal in California since the 1996 passage of Proposition 215, the statewide medicinal marijuana law. In 2016, pot became fully legitimate with the passage of Prop. 64, which made recreational use permissible. Yet, almost 25 years after the first law was passed, users still cannot purchase the product in the cities of Calabasas, Agoura Hills and […]

Can’t they save on electricity?

In years past, I have noticed with some irritation that Oak Park schools have air conditioning blasting 24/7 throughout the summer, even when there is no one present. This is still the case, even though we are in the midst of heat waves that threaten to cause blackouts. I understand that with online schooling some staff still need to have […]

Can’t just put the flag anywhere

I wrote a letter weeks back with a simple observation and request to not place a flag on the forehead of Ladyface Mountain, a local cultural landmark and community touchstone. It was then twisted into this was unpatriotic and not supporting veterans or our country. People, relax. Hopefully, we can all agree that it is not appropriate to place the […]

Better solution than rodenticide

Good coverage of the anticoagulant legislation. But here’s the rub: my neighbors and I have been experiencing a rat problem the last couple of months. One neighbor and I set traps; another neighbor put out rodenticide. The rats just ate the peanut butter and avoided the traps. It’s amazing how clever they are. The neighbor’s rodenticide obviously worked; the rat […]

President not against USPS

Shame on you, Ian Bradley and Dawn Megli for your partisan piece on the U.S. Postal Service. The Trump administration is not looking to defund the USPS. In 1970, the Postal Reorganization Act denies the executive branch control over its finances. The Trump administration threatened to block emergency assistance to the USPS, not defund it. President Trump has repeatedly said […]

Says liberals living in the past

I found the comparison between the “To Your Right” and “To Your Left” letters (Sept. 3 issue) very interesting. The conservative wrote about the present and the future. The liberal wrote about the past. I’m voting for the future. Mike SchwiegerOak Park

Pandemic creating trash

As someone who truly enjoys our national and state parks and the beauty of our local area, I beseech each of us not to trash our parks and roads during COVID-19. I continually see trash, debris and masks on our roads and trails while biking and hiking. Think about who is going to pick up your trash with your potential […]

Celebrating the ash tree victory

I am so overjoyed that after 10 long months of working to save our heritage ash tree in Mae Boyar Park that the RSRPD board finally chose unanimously to save it. This was truly a community effort. My heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped out and spoke out, especially Marleen Ribis. The community members took their passions to heart with […]

Voting for Kate Vadehra

I am writing to express in the strongest possible terms my support of Dr. Kate Vadehra for LVUSD school board. In the 13 years that I have known Kate, I never met anyone more dedicated to creating quality education for every student in LVUSD. When I moved my family into the school district, Kate took the initiative to not only […]