Postmarked, The Acorn

I grew up in Agoura Hills, where my parents still reside, and I now live in Malibu. And I have always enjoyed reading The Acorn. However, I read your Aug. 20 article, “Post office delivers a message of uncertainty,” and I was taken aback to read in your second paragraph, “Trump administration to defund the U.S. Postal Service.” Later in […]

Important ash tree meeting

We are trying to save the Mae Boyar historic ash trees. People need to go to the Zoom Oak Park park district on Thurs., Sept. 3 when the trees are on the agenda for discussion. The Oak Park district voted 4-2 to save the trees in July. But the governing Rancho Simi Park District wouldn’t listen to the community on […]

Untimely crowds caused 2nd wave

Your editorial “Take COVID to the mat” was disingenuous at the least, and maybe even false. The statement, “most people agree that the May reopening happened too soon” ignores the fact that thousands of people were in the street screaming at the top of their voices just before the second wave occurred. I think that fact, at least, merits consideration […]

Who’s qualified and who’s not?

Reader Richard Robinson asks in his letter to the editor referring to gubernatorial powers, “governors have prevented people from being treated with hydrochloroquine. What medical training do these politicians have to make decisions over your healthcare?” They have the same qualifications in this as does Donald Trump. Phyllis MyslikOak Park

Disingenuous pet website

I just came across an ad showing that chewy.com, the all-animal friendly product website, supports and sells rodenticide rodent poison bait boxes on their website. We are fighting to bring awareness to all about its deadly effects on our wildlife, including our mountain lions, pets, owls and bobcats dying from rodenticide second-hand poisoning. How hypocritical of the so- called animal […]

Walking as a metaphor for life

When you’re on a sidewalk, there’s basic sidewalk etiquette: It’s pretty much polite to share the sidewalk with others. During COVID-19, it’s courteous, too, to stay farther than 6 feet from anyone you pass. But since the pandemic, there are more walkers out on the Conejo Valley streets, and it’s close to anarchy on our sidewalks. Quite often, people don’t […]

Says Prop. 19 hurts property transfers

This upcoming 2020 election is an important one, especially for California property owners. Proposition 19, which entices voters with a misleading title, is one that should be looked at in detail. Proposition 19 is labeled the Property Tax Transfers, Exemptions, and Revenue for Wildfire Agencies and Counties Amendment. Sounds good, right? However, what it really does is extremely harmful for […]

Weintraub for City Council

So much attention right now is on the national election and rightfully so. But, let’s not lose sight of the importance of our local election also taking place this November. Presiding Mayor Alicia Weintraub’s name will once again appear on the ballot as she runs for reelection to Calabasas City Council. I’m here to say that no one deserves or […]

Wants Washburn to bow out

Transparency in Calabasas city government is an issue for voters. Recent events have made the call for such even louder. Calabasas city ordinance dictates that the chairman of the planning commission can serve no more than two years. The term limit expired in February of this year, but was ignored until the July 16 planning commission meeting when Dennis Washburn […]

Kraut for council

I am very happy that Peter Kraut is running for a seat on the Calabasas City Council. Peter supports responsible development that doesn’t destroy the environment that makes Calabasas so unique. His voting record as a planning commissioner since 2016 shows that. There are precious few parcels of open space left in Calabasas. We must protect them from over-development. We […]