Ode to USPS

U.S. Postal Service: Neither snow, nor rain, nor fire. My first visit home after the Woolsey fire, I did not know what I would be returning to. A friend’s text message indicated that the hill behind my home was burning and my home was likely gone. The smoke and fire maps seemed to show neighborhoods destroyed. I was grateful that […]

Special delivery from North Pole

With the anticipated increase in mail service between now and the election, and with the back and forth about how to address this problem, what are we to do? Funding and the administration of the postal service seem to have become mired down in politics and incompetency. By pretending to make the postal service “profitable,” which, by the way, was […]

Social services comes to rescue

Hello, my name is Zak Tawil. I always believed in community and looking out for each other. The day came when my son, 19, and I became homeless with no income and no place to call home. We slept in the car for over two months, so I started looking for any type of help I can get. I called […]

More about homelessness

On our Agoura Hills website, there is a section titled “Homeless Services” intended to help those who are, or potentially may be homeless. This section seems to be a very helpful source for someone in such a position. I believe that it can help in changing someone’s life. The only problem I found in this area is that there is […]

King’s ‘decree’

The Royal Decree: Hear ye, hear ye, the words of the throne. All peasants of the village of Westlake gather round. By royal decree of your majesty, the King, it is hereby declared that all drinking fountains at all village parks will be shut down. These services that you have come to expect as loyal subjects were merely granted to […]

Bad numbers?

To the Westlake Village City Council: We, the voters, trusted you and placed you in office. You promised to protect our freedoms with honest and ethical representation, but you have betrayed our trust. You have engaged in unconstitutional actions that have damaged our lives. For example, you have allowed the Public Health Department to harass local businesses and trample on […]

Westlake takes correct approach

Five months have passed since we have entered lockdown under the coronavirus pandemic. Over the course of this time, we have struggled with efforts on deciding how to reopen the country. Here in Westlake Village, our City Council has recently approved a resolution that would allow businesses to reopen with social distancing guidelines. While there are those who still oppose […]

How to help local business

Like many in our community, our family has been doing our best to support local businesses, especially small local restaurants since COVID-19 has either shut down or drastically limited the flow of customers, which, in turn, means reduced sales to the owner of the businesses. What I did not know and find interesting is that aside from anything COVID related, […]

Kudos to Acorn

Well deserved to Jim and Lisa Rule, the publishers of the Acorn Newspapers for being the recipients of the San Fernando Valley Business Journal’s the “Valley 200” list for the third year in a row. It couldn’t have happened to two nicer people. George AnninoOak Park

Likes Peter Kraut

I write to support the candidacy of Peter Kraut for Calabasas City Council. As I describe below, Peter possess all of the qualities any community would be proud to have in their elected representative. Peter is a community based, family man. He has served Calabasas already as a planning commissioner, is president of a Calabasas-based engineering firm, and worships with […]