Crash kills 2 men, community grieves

Since last Sunday family members and friends have been drawn to a tree on Westlake Boulevard that was the scene of a deadly crash. Beneath the ancient oak they’ve left flowers and mementos, photos and letters to Ryan Moore Breaux and Ezekial “Zeek” Bishop. “It’s a stark contrast and their deaths are hard to accept because they were both so […]

New development planned for Kanan-Agoura intersection

Few open parcels remain for development in Agoura Hills. One of the last, at the southwest corner of Kanan and Agoura roads, is the site of a proposed project that would bring more retail stores and homes to the city. The builder, Agoura Kanan Village LLC, hosted a digital community forum July 20 to share plans for the West Village […]

MAIL-IN VOTER FRAUD? the ‘faulty premise’ behind the claim

Clerk-recorder ‘frustrated’ by false narrative

Even as President Trump steps up his attack on voting by mail, the practice has become an increasingly common in local elections. In the past two general elections more than 60% of Ventura County registered voters opted to vote by mail instead of heading to the polling place, up 20% over the previous decade, according to data from the Ventura […]

Patriotism gets flagged

Old Glory pegged atop Ladyface Mountain sparks debate

It began following the great Woolsey fire of 2018. One by one, American flags started appearing on top of local Santa Monica Mountain peaks. Large flags, planted on proud soil, splashes of red, white and blue propped up against open skies from the Simi Hills to Malibu. People saw the flags as a beacon of hope, and their pride swelled. […]

2020-08-06 E-Edition

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With Acorn photo contest, home is where the heart is


You started off the year with the best of intentions and boldest of plans: scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef; hiking to the top of Mount Fuji; driving on the open road to Yellowstone National Park. The Acorn Newspapers have been celebrating summer getaways for more than 40 years with the Take Your Acorn on Vacation photo contest. Friends […]

The danger of violent protest

It’s OK for you to believe what you believe. It’s not OK for you to demand others believe the same way. Karmen Browers’ letter was so correct for all the things happening that is so un-American. The “white privilege” letter from Patricia Halliday was also spot on. The “defunding the police” effort will only cause crime to rise and place […]

Fact-check bias

Letter writer Ms. Taft suggests that all opinion letters, especially those she apparently disagrees with, should be fact checked by The Acorn before they are published. Let’s begin by defining opinion: A view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge. My recollection is that letters to the editor are opinion-based. She writes that Snopes, Politi- […]

BLM bigotry?

I would like to add to the debate about the BLM movement in general and the BLM organization in particular. While the movement raises important issues, the organization behind the movement is highly problematic. I would like to draw your attention to two articles by a law professor and life-long liberal Alan Dershowitz on this subject. The first article was […]