Mask order

Every city should follow the rule as Calabasas does: Wear a mask or get a fine. Just do it and save a life. George AnninoAgoura Hills

Touchy issue during the virus

In these days of health concerns, specifically COVID-19, I have recently noticed a behavior that is concerning to me and maybe should concern you as well. We live in an area with much natural beauty. Many of us partake in using and enjoying the beauty while walking, running or biking our roads and trails. During our outings, we all eventually […]

Wants schools to reopen

As a parent of an LVUSD student, I was disappointed to see Superintendent Stepenosky’s announcement the LVUSD schools would not reopen as planned. There is already a system in place whereby any student can distance learn, so anyone that doesn’t feel safe already has the option to not come onto campus. Schools should not open unless there is a sustained […]

Fact or opinion?

I think letter writer June Slayton’s “History Lesson” was a troubling, incoherent rambling of white nationalist propaganda, and I believe it was irresponsible for The Acorn to print it. It is one thing to express an opinion, blatantly racist or not. It is a dangerous thing to present that opinion as baseless fact, which Ms. Slayton does repeatedly throughout her […]

Says BLM ‘racist’

Good for Bob Duarte and his letter to the editor last week, “Some BLM goals are worrisome.” My feelings exactly. I was raised that all lives matter and all people should be treated with respect. I, in turn, raised my children the same way. Yes, we are not a perfect country, and BLM is a racist movement meant to destroy […]

Her definition of ‘un-American’

The controversy over whether or not the Black Lives Matter organization is in fact of communist/ Marxist orientation is important. However, little can be done to change current opinions. What’s more important is defining what’s American and what’s not. Preventing a person from expressing an opinion, although it may differ from yours, is un-American. Destroying property belonging to another in […]

‘White privilege’

Definition of white privilege: “I grew up in a high income (possibly gated) community, and I am marching to de-fund the police in a low-income, high-crime area. “At the end of the day, I will have the ‘privilege’ of going home to my safe community, while you will continue to live in your now less-safe area, because I have now […]

Record straight

Larry Brown’s July 23 letter to The Acorn was a personal diatribe against me in an effort to libel me. The Acorn needs to set the record straight. He referred to me as anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant and he falsely wrote that I labeled Mexicans as “invaders.” I am an immigrant, so I am hardly anti-immigrant. Shari GoodmanCalabasas


Agoura Hills A person entered an unlocked car parked on Woodbrook Drive on July 19 and stole a checkbook, cash and a handicap placard, all worth $1,590. On July 19 a thief entered an unlocked car parked on Woodbrook Drive and stole a camera, passport and wallet that had been left inside. The wallet contained credit and debit cards and […]

Drug dealers, car burglars caught