Some BLM goals are worrisome

I don’t do letters to the editor; this is a first for me. I have been a resident of this community for 27 years and have loved living here. I have been concerned about what I have heard from this community about the BLM issue. Each one of us needs to do our homework, which will expose the true face […]

P.C. going too far

The human psyche is accosted by various desires and emotional impulses—anger, lust, greed, envy, appetite, work avoidance, etc.—which, if not subdued, result in negative outcomes for individuals and or society. The uninstructed child acts upon every arising emotion while seeking that which is conducive to immediate pleasure; hence, as observed by Aristotle, they should be restrained and guided until comprehending […]

Bigotry is source of Black rage

I’m so glad The Acorn published the letter by John Dalrymple, BLM and crime. This commentary is precisely why we have systemic racism. Crime is not a root cause of slavery. Such ignorance and disconnect are the sources of Black rage. It is 300-plus years of being treated as less than equal in the U.S.A, in access to voting, residential […]

Deputies should wear masks, too

Are you interested in reporting about the lack of PPEs (masks/ face shields) the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department is using when interacting with the public? Specifically, how citizens have little rights when pulled over and are put at risk for contracting COVID, even for minor infractions? I encountered a situation in which a sheriff department’s traffic officer pulled me over […]

Glad to see Stars and Stripes fly

On a recent drive to Malibu on Kanan Road, U.S. flags were flying on various hill- and mountain tops. It was so inspiring and encouraging to see Old Glory proudly displayed. To know that there are patriotic people who would go to all that trouble to remind us of this great country we live in. To know that the same […]

Counting COVID cases

In response to David E. Ross and the analysis of daily deaths vs. confirmed cases, I disagree with the premise of comparing those two numbers. According to the CDC, most COVID-19 cases are mild or asymptomatic and therefore not confirmed. Assuming, conservatively, that half of all California cases are confirmed, the mortality percentage is a little over 1%. According to […]

County not immune to racism

It should not be controversial in 2020 to say that Black lives matter. And yet, for unfathomable reasons, many community members have felt the need to express opposition to or qualified support for that principle. Recently, The Acorn published an accusation of communist conspiracy that would make Joe McCarthy proud, a deflection to the specter of “Black crime [as] a […]

Share your own ‘shoe’ story

I read Travis Dudley’s article “Try walking in their shoes” with interest. I can identify with those sentiments. As a child growing up in a ghetto in South Philadelphia, I was constantly assaulted and beaten on my way to school and called “Christ killer” because I was Jewish. When I was 10 years old, traveling with my parents and older […]

History “lesson” gets it wrong

Speaking of uninformed, Ms. Slayton, I was shaken by your Republican dialogue that were “false” attacks professing to be a history lesson. There are few, if any Californians, who believe in the KKK, and it was time that the Blacks in our country had their say and were acknowledged because of the wrongs of a very few bad apples in […]

CDC stats on COVID cases

It seems my letter on the COVID pandemic has stirred up some emotions. I, personally, prefer to deal in facts. As I mentioned, there is a huge difference between how many people get infected and how many people get noticeably sick; that is, seek medical attention and become a “case.” In fact, based on random sample testing in Los Angeles, […]