Storm unleashes fury

Westlake Village deluged with more than 6 inches of rain last Friday and Saturday

If Mother Nature could end the Southern California drought in one day, this is how she’d do it. In Westlake Village, the biggest storm of the decade dumped a reported 6.5 inches of rain in the 48-hour period from Feb. 17 to 18, and almost as much in surrounding communities. The driving rain flooded streets, knocked down trees and sent […]

Nation’s ugly mood turns even our own community sour

The year is off to a difficult start as we see a nation convulsed by anti-Muslim and anti-Semitic behavior: The Islamophobia rooted in a desire to effect changes in national immigration law, the hatred of Jews rooted in centuries of learned behavior that even we as a modern, forward-thinking people cannot seem to get past. Perhaps it’s all tied to […]