Fred Gaines on racism

At our June 10 City Council meeting, I made a statement about how we need to address racism in Calabasas, giving examples of racist comments that have been uttered in our community, and including specific suggestions for programs and policies to address racism in our town. Your headline story “Racism played role in city manager’s firing, official says,” took my […]


Two weeks ago, The Acorn published my letter about Gary Lysik’s resignation. Now, Fred Gaines has accused the city of racism in this affair, and in his comments he also characterized as racist that part of my letter that said that Lysik’s son was unqualified for his city position because Lysik is married to an African American woman. Gaines says […]

In defense of city

We were appalled by the comments made by Fred Gaines at the last City Council meeting. We’ve lived in Calabasas for 20 years and have never once heard a racist remark from our friends and neighbors. Five of our grandchildren attended Calabasas schools. Their birthday parties looked like the United Nations, and they never even thought about the race of […]

Where’s balance?

At one time The Acorn was pretty good at reporting both sides of an issue, but not anymore. There was a recent article in the letters to the editor section written by David Litt speaking out against the George Floyd protests. It was not hateful. He stated his facts and opinions with honesty and made some very good points. All […]

BLM ‘terrorists’

Acorn, you might want to think again before you lend your support to BLM, an anti-Semitic Marxist terrorist organization using race as a ploy to destroy and overthrow our capitalist system. Before your pages indict a whole community with the false claim of “systemic racism,” without any evidence to support the charge, you should familiarize yourself with the history and […]

A different sort of Father’s Day

I have always believed Father’s Day is another one of those “manufactured” holidays, like National Secretaries’ Day or Boss’s Day or National Mustard Day—another way for retailers to get you to purchase some useless thing, and yes, there is a National Mustard Day. However, this year I decided that I would try to put Father’s Day to good use and […]

Take down flag on Ladyface

I am writing to find out why there is a flag on top of Ladyface Mountain. I feel any flag placed on top of this culturally significant mountain is appalling. This mountain is sacred to the Chumash Indians and it does not deserve to be desecrated like this. Please have it removed immediately so that we can view it as […]

Low mortality rate overlooked

A couple of weeks ago the L.A. County Public Health Department announced that there had been 2,000 deaths in the county. This is an infection fatality rate of about 0.2%, roughly the same as a bad flu. In fact, it’s so low and so age-dependent, that if you’re under 55 you’re more likely to die from a car accident than […]

Slow to prevent

Yes, the lockdown has caused economic hardship, but it was caused by the lack of action by a presidency that values inaction, reelection and lies more than the country. If the president had taken action when given the evidence was presented to him, the lockdown would not have had to be so severe. But he didn’t, instead it was “a […]

Study that decried ‘Trump drug’ actually was false

There was a media frenzy in May when a large study published in The Lancet, a revered 200-year-old medical journal, supposedly found that hydroxychloroquine didn’t work against COVID-19 and was dangerous. But on June 5, doctors and scientists blew the whistle on obviously falsified data used in this “study.” They forced The Lancet to retract the study when it became […]