No room for racism, not here, not anywhere


There is nowhere in the country where the Black Lives Matter movement has failed to have an impact, and that includes our own Acorn communities from Calabasas to Thousand Oaks where protests were held for three straight weeks to draw attention to America’s systemic racism. It’s been a time of historic reckoning for those Americans who still insists on attacking […]

Floyd unworthy?

We hope we are not the only Acorn readers saddened by the comments made by David Litt last week. He believes George Floyd is unworthy of martyrdom because of his rap sheet and incarceration. This time-honored trope objectifies human beings and tries to justify the discrimination and heartless treatment of any person in the group deemed unworthy. As imperfect as […]

A chance to ‘wake up’

In reference to the letter in June 11 Acorn: “Time to put the protest away,” every person has the right from birth to natural death to walk earth safely, breathing the air of freedom and justice. We are one, linked in joy and anguish in life, and then in the cosmos. When we as human beings see a merciless killing, […]

Not happy with letter writer

David Litt has shown his level of understanding of what is happening right in front of his eyes. How many “amens” did he elicit from that article? How did David end up in Calabasas in the first place? Was it “privilege” by birth lottery, family, advantages along the way? Did it include the complicities he participated in along the way? […]

Don’t just ‘calm down’

Regarding the recent letter telling us all to “calm down” and that we should accept the bad in the world as it comes with “all the good we have:” Has the “good” been evenly distributed among all people in our country, including the black community? And where to start with the distracting/untrue/ misleading statements in the letter? The letter states […]

Floyd was not a ‘bad role model’

I had to read David Litt’s June 11 letter to the editor twice because I couldn’t believe someone in our community could be so abhorrent and inhumane. Mr. Litt writes that George Floyd’s rap sheet and status as a felon makes him a bad role model for the public’s outrage over his murder by those four policeman. Does anyone, no […]

Dangerous intersections

Sadness abounds reading the story about another motorcycle fatality caused by the incompetence of an automobile driver violating the right-of-way of the motorcyclist. Last year it was the accident in Oak Park where the automobile driver violated the law when relying upon the length of a yellow light to enter the intersection on a red signal. The driver complained the […]

Time to combine school districts

While the rigors of confinement may have tested our nerves, it has also helped us focus on the important things in life. My solitary life has had me thinking about education and how we have let our egos seep into the future of our kids. With cuts to funding and a populous that is strapped even tighter, this might be […]

Virus stats

This past week, June 11, The Acorn ran an article with the scare headline “Death-rate study shows Ventura County virus still a fatal foe.” And yet the content of the article offered no evidence the virus “still” presented a threat. No facts or statistics detailing deaths in the past day or week appeared. Writer Becca Whitnall, however, provided an excellent […]

Update on Oak Park movie story

Regarding Ian Bradley’s article on Oak Park and early movies, maybe Mr. Bradley shouldn’t get his Oak Park history from someone who moved to Oak Park in 2009. First, the community was always known as Oak Park as that was the name Metropolitan Development gave to their new housing tract. It was just part of Agoura back then and never […]