Social distancing

You all realize that social distancing is a tool to prevent people from going shopping or to work. Masks are not. Apparently some people have not made the connection yet, since lots of people are not wearing masks in public. So if you want to go back to work or shopping, do not leave the house without a mask. John […]

Is a baseball player essential?

I am a huge Dodgers fan. This week I got misty-eyed on a Zoom call with Dodgers players. But as for restarting baseball, are there any benefits? Is it fair for baseball players and skeleton stadium crews to be tested before each game and thereby use 369,000 tests over an 82-game season, not counting postseason? Will restarting baseball help the […]

Not all right

Not only in letters to The Acorn but also in other newspapers and on TV news programs, I keep hearing people complaining that stay-at-home and shut-down orders during the COVID-19 pandemic are violating their constitutional rights. I have read the U.S. Constitution, all seven articles and 27 amendments. The Constitution is neither hard to read nor hard to understand. Nowhere […]

Critical of pastor’s actions

We are in the midst of a crises. We have been hit by a global pandemic. Medical experts have recommended laws to bring us through this pandemic while preserving lives. Most members of our community have shown an admirable spirit of collaboration. The glaring exception is Pastor Rob McCoy of Godspeak Calvary Chapel in Newbury Park. In the last few […]

Drugs explained

Why trials for remdesivir but not for hydroxychloroquine? The FDA and the media continue to characterize hydroxychloroquine as a dangerous unknown because full clinical trials for its use in treating COVID-19 have not been done. Yet the FDA eagerly promotes remdesivir, whose safety and efficacy are far less clear. All drugs have side effects, but hydroxychloroquine has been used widely […]

Unfair to Honig

Regarding Greg Stone’s letter last week, Mr. Stone calls for Mayor Honig’s resignation, essentially blaming her for making decisions on her own, rather than in conjunction with the City Council, city attorney, administration and other advisors, but mostly because he personally does not agree with these decisions. To quote him, “this is ludicrous.” Mayor Honig, with the rest of the […]

Tribute to Jerry Snyder

Last week, noted Southern California developer Jerry Snyder passed away. He was known for landmark projects, like the Howard Hughes center near LAX and many others. Mr. Snyder also left an enduring imprint on Agoura Hills, as the person who enabled the improvements at the Kanan Road/ 101 interchange, including the removal of billboards and a large pole sign when […]

Repairs underway on bumpy 23 freeway

Drivers irked by the bumpy ride on the 23 Freeway between Thousand Oaks and Moorpark will be happy to know work is underway to repair the rundown sections of the road. They’ll be frustrated, though, to learn that the work will cause traffic disruption in the area through 2023. Caltrans began its $91-million repavement project on an 8.2- mile stretch […]

Love for mom goes the distance

Coronavirus has hit the elderly especially hard, with about half of Los Angeles County’s 1,900 COVID deaths reportedly coming from nursing homes. Operators of the homes are trying to keep senior residents protected from outside contact at all costs, but human contact and the benefit that it brings is important, too. Gerontologists agree: The mental health of seniors is just […]

La Reina announces return to class Aug. 11

La Reina High School and Middle School announced this week that because the size of its campus and enrollment allow for adequate social distancing, it will resume in-person classes in August, though online instruction will still be available for students with health concerns. But while students will return to campus next semester, the Class of 2020, who received their caps […]