Keep those masks on

Wear your darn masks. A silver lining of working from home is that I have had the time to get back into jogging around our beautiful neighborhoods. However, my excursions have been marred with anxiety because people in our bubble seem to think they cannot catch or transmit the coronavirus when they are out walking the dog, pushing a stroller, […]

Deceived by stay-at-home

Here’s something to consider: If every politician and non-essential public sector worker had lost their paycheck and benefits during this crisis, do you think for one second this lockdown would still be in effect? It wouldn’t. They sold us on “14 days to flatten the curve.” Eight weeks later and what’s been flattened? The livelihoods and civil liberties of millions. […]

Don’t let your guard down

The CDC recommends wearing cloth face coverings in public settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain, like at grocery stores and pharmacies. How about adding the need in and around public parks, particularly where interior walkways and sidewalks do not allow for six-feet distancing? An increasing number of cities in the U.S. are embracing this recommendation: “Stay […]

Pandemic discrimination

Ageism is a stereotype discrimination against individuals on the basis of age. Sorrowfully, the horrific calamity of the pandemic has raised ageism’s ugly head with governors, federal legislators and, surprisingly, many healthcare providers. Recent comments by many around the globe citing Darwinian theory to “pull plugs” on seniors ill with COVID-19 is an insidious consideration having significant harmful effects. I […]

No rate hike yet

Last week’s edition of The Acorn was critical of LVMWD, claiming it has plans to increase water rates by the end of the year (Pg. 1) and offers little reprieve for customers during the pandemic (Pg. 6). The problem? It isn’t true. LVMWD does not have any rate increases planned at this time. In California, planned rate increases require a […]

Against city’s stance on virus

Westlake Village Mayor Kelly Honig: This past Friday you left me a phone message. After listening to the message, I’m motivated to ask that you resign your position as mayor. In your call you state, “We we live in a county that has had more than half the total COVID-19 deaths in the entire state.” You continued, “This means we […]

Don’t be a in such a rush to flush

Amid increased usage of disinfectant wipes in response to the pandemic, Las Virgenes Municipal Water District urges customers not to flush the wipes down toilets. Common household disinfectant wipes are a tool in the battle against the coronavirus, but are not meant to go down the toilet, officials said. The wipes, even those branded as “flushable,” do not dissipate in […]

Lights, camera, action create new classroom

Many Conejo Valley families have faced challenges during the coronavirus shutdown. Thousand Oaks residents Jennifer and Erik Sorensen are achieving success through ingenuity, adjustment and hard work. Jennifer Sorensen is a teacher who started the Transitional Kindergarten (TK) program at Red Oak Elementary School in Oak Park 11 years ago. Since the stay-at-home directive, she has been teaching classes online. […]

Community accelerates grants to help nonprofits help others

As the pandemic continues its grip on the economy, more people are seeking help for their basic needs from local social service groups such as Manna Conejo Valley Food Bank. While Manna has seen an increase in demand for their services, they’ve also experienced an uptick in donations, including one from Westlake Village. The City Council held an emergency meeting […]