Expert warns ‘child abuse pandemic’ is next

GUEST OPINION /// Foster care

Even in the best of times, child welfare systems in California are beleaguered, underfunded and stressed. There are too few social workers for foster children and their troubled birth families, and these caseworkers are often overworked within a huge bureaucratic system. Last year, California had 83,000 children living in foster care—the largest number of any state in the nation. Times […]

Coronavirus and AA recovery

I would like to commend you for your April 23 article “AA and Social Distancing.” It is so important for those in recovery to know where they can turn for support. I would also like to take this opportunity to let your readers know that in addition to AA, there is another support organization called SMART Recovery, which has meetings […]

Cannot compare COVID-19 to flu

I have to respond to the numerous mistakes in the letter last week about our slowed economy being so much more deadly than COVID-19. The biggest mistake is somehow comparing the likely 100,000 U.S. COVID deaths to the typical 50,000 per year from the common flu. Apples and oranges, and 100,000 is the number even with all precautions being taken— […]

Cure is not worse than disease

I am going to go out on a limb here and say that given a choice, I suspect most Americans would rather be poor than dead. One would not expect that to be a controversial presumption, and yet even in the absence of the testing materials necessary to return us to the marketplace safely, many are bellyaching. Those who are […]

No fan of the phone company

What I am about to write is based not on my opinion, but on hearsay from AT&T service repairmen. But, if it is true, there is a saying that something rotten in Denmark—then that is true in Calabasas. Every repairman that comes to repair my land-line phone says surrounding cities are getting upgrades and fiber optic cable. But our city, […]

Masks essential

The most effective prevention for the coronavirus is a face covering or mask. Since the federal Surgeon General originally stated the opposite, and advised us not to wear them, their use was not widespread. While social distancing is a good second best, it will not be possible in many cases and makes going to work difficult. It is impossible to […]

Clean energy versus cost

We commend the Agoura Hills City Council for their decision last week to postpone advancing the renewable energy content provided by our electric utility, the Clean Power Alliance. The council acted out of concern for citizens and businesses that are in financial straits during the COVID crisis. Agoura Hills—and Calabasas, whose council is postponing as well—has the default renewable energy […]

Frustrated by slow-moving IRS website

I have been trying for weeks to get my payment status on the IRS website and kept getting a “Payment Status Not Available.” I finally typed my information in ALL CAPS and it worked. All I can say is THANK YOU VERY MUCH, and I hope we never meet again. Steven GillisCalabasas

Beach closures not strictly by the book

While Los Angeles County beaches remained closed, many seaside locations in Orange and Ventura counties opened to the public last week, with limitations. The Ventura County beaches opened for recreational activity, including walking, running, surfing, swimming, biking and fishing. Setting up on the sand with beach-day gear—blankets, coolers, sunshades and chairs— was prohibited, although groups were still seen lounging on […]

Art from the heart goes to healthcare workers

Michelle Fagnani is a labor and delivery nurse at West Hills Hospital in West Hills. The Thousand Oaks resident—who is also a nurse with the Las Virgenes Unified School District—only works at West Hills two days a week and does not treat COVID-19 patients, but she said that each day she walks through the hospital doors the experience is daunting. […]