Sees silver lining

What I see in my community are kids playing in the street, parents with their kids riding bikes, walking, playing ball. It is throwback, like when I was a kid. We kids would organize games and play until the streetlights went on. We knew the whole neighborhood and I babysat for many of my neighbors. This is a time to […]

Join our restaurant club

It would be great if you could publish a list of local business and restaurants that are still open and/ or making deliveries during these tough times. That way we could support them. That would be a great community service. Kieran HealyCornell Editor’s note: The Acorn is compiling an immediate list of all the area restaurants offering takeout and delivery […]

Libraries offer online services

Last week a letter to the editor had a request for local libraries to consider a drive-thru option. What readers may not be aware of is all local libraries have digital collections. While the smell and feel of books and magazines may be missed—as well as just going to the library—your favorite authors, publications, stories and subjects are there to […]

Worried about hospital help

My husband and I are very concerned about the obvious anticipated need for additional ICU beds, ventilators, staffing, protective gear and equipment, etc., at Los Robles Regional Medical Center. As a retired emergency room nurse at this facility, I’m familiar with the bureaucratic challenges. My husband, who is a retired fire captain, and I are painfully aware of the inevitable […]

Stop, slow down and appreciate

During a recent trip to Hawaii, I experienced a spirit called “aloha.” Sharing “good morning” with smiling strangers became one of my favorite pastimes. During one of my pre-dawn walks, in a flash, this thought came to me: What if the next human I saw was the only other person left on this earth? I would not ignore, not stare […]

Partisan politics

In the March 12 Acorn I read with incredulity an attack on Jim Shahan and Larry Brown, replete with misinformation, by Shari Goodman. In my estimation, Mr. Shahan and Mr. Brown present accurate information and don’t employ scare tactics. Ms. Goodman’s false statements that California is now home to 50% of America’s homeless, and that the “record clearly demonstrates that […]

Social distancing do’s and don’ts

Staying at home 101

Parents cope with children underfoot during school closures

Schools are closed, likely through the summer, and having kids at home full-time is easier for some parents than others. Oak Park resident Brenna Gutell works from home, where her two sons, ages 8 and 13, have been confined since students were sent home on March 16. “Having them home is less of an impact than having the whole world […]

Two nonprofits team up to help seniors

Seniors who are at high risk of contracting coronavirus often must choose between staying safe at home and venturing out to buy groceries and prescriptions. Two area groups have joined forces to help lift the burden on the elderly. The Malibu Foundation and the Mighty Under Dogs, a pair of Malibu-based nonprofits, have teamed up to buy and deliver groceries, […]