Be smart, be prepared, and for crying out loud, don’t panic


As a news organization we have grappled mightily with how to cover the growing fear over coronavirus, from its origin point in China to its march across Asia and Europe and on to the shores of America. For starters—is this a local story? Would our reporting add to our readers’ understanding of the virus and the respiratory illness it causes, […]


China and the virus connection

Like most people, I had no idea that almost all our antibiotics and medical gear are now made in China. The extent to which we have allowed China to take control of the production of these and other things we crucially need is horrifying. But I believe there is still time to save ourselves. What can you do? Pay attention […]

Final word on March 3 taxes

We all want to support our schools and fire department. What we will not support is the tax and spending policies of state and local governments on wasteful programs. The state of California has billions of dollars in ever-increasing funds as does the County of Los Angeles. Neither the state nor the county felt that the L.A. County Fire Department […]

Behavior so bad

I attended the play “Rent” at Agoura High and “Shrek” at Calabasas last week. The performances were excellent, however, the audience was extremely rude at both venues. At Agoura High the three ladies in front of me face-timed with a babysitter during a song with their phone volume on high. I could hear the conversation. The woman behind me unwrapped […]

A word on the housing issue in Calabasas

This is regarding your article about the results of Measure N in Calabasas. Currently, it stands at approximately 3-1 in favor of no. Your headline should have been, “AvalonBay’s million-dollar attempt to mislead Calabasas voters fails.” This was never about affordable housing. The City of Calabasas and those of us behind the No on N campaign are fortunate that Measure […]

Liberal and conservative do battle

On Super Tuesday, Joe Biden swept the country with no money and no national organization. That is a real “grassroots” effort. The first job of the next president will be to restore functional government. Nobody is left at the state department except lying Mike Pompeo; the FTA has fast-tracked planes that are falling from the sky; the CDC is running […]


Agoura Hills On Feb. 27 a thief stole a woman’s wallet out of her car while she hiked with her dog. She’d parked at Chesebro Canyon Trailhead and later returned to find her car unlocked and wallet missing. The wallet held her driver’s license and debit and credit cards. The value of the stolen property is unknown. A thief stole […]

Charity League gals and moms celebrate 50th anniversary

Conejo Valley NCL chapter members host fundraiser

The Conejo Valley chapter of National Charity League celebrated its 50th year March 8 with a fashion show and boutique fundraiser at the Hyatt Regency Westlake. The event included a boutique, Day of Giving, featuring signed Kobe Bryant memorabilia, and a fashion show put on by 10th and 12th grade girls. Proceeds from the fashion show will benefit the nonprofit […]

Alternatives to balloons and other polluters

COMMENTARY /// Eye on the Environment

Years ago, pet owners were urged to “curb your dog.” It seemed too much to ask people to pick up their pet’s waste, so the best exhortation public advocates could muster was a plea for people to keep pollutants out of prime walking space. More recently, as awareness has spread about the way waste in gutters ends up in waterways, […]