Not happy with new gig law

No state law enacted in recent memory is more destructive to small business in California than Assembly Bill 5, the radical law making virtually all workers W-2 employees whether they like it or not. This is a union power grab beloved by the bureaucracy because it creates a whole new pool to tap for payroll taxes. Jacqui Irwin (D-Thousand Oaks) […]

Tree serves as cautionary tale

It’s interesting The Acorn features on its front page the death of one tree in Paramount Ranch— albeit a famous one— and has been ignoring the fact that multiple century-old oak trees will be cut down and destroyed by the proposed commercial development at the corners of Kanan, Agoura and Cornell roads. These developments will not only kill these incredible […]

Salaries in check

As any financially independent person should know, living is not cheap. Our economy has inflated over the past few years, and with it so have prices of goods and services. That is why when the Calabasas City Council adopted Resolution No. 2020-1658 on Jan. 8, the lives of many of our community’s hourly workers have been made a little bit […]

Safe landscaping

Please don’t ditch the mulch completely. The science on the use of organic mulch in areas prone to wildfires is in and it isn’t as dire or dangerous as you may believe. An extensive collaborative research project tested different mulch types and their fire resistance, sparking ability and flame height. They came to the conclusion that the best fire resistant […]

Memorialize this fatal accident

How long does it take? Five months ago on Sept. 29, 2019 a fatal car accident occurred in Westlake Village on the southbound on-ramp to the 101 Freeway entering from the south. The vehicle went off the road and hit a street sign. Sadly, the man driving died. The woman in the car was severely injured, but luckily she has […]

Political bait and switch

I applaud your writers for bringing to light the numerous ethical lapses associated with our elected representatives. But let’s take a more local glance into deliberate ethical violations. Does everyone remember the gas tax repeal initiative that was to repeal the 12-cent per gallon tax? And how the initiative promised that the taxes would “never” be used for anything but […]

Distaste for PC

The human psyche is accosted by various desires and emotional impulses—anger, lust, greed, envy, appetite, work avoidance, etc.—which, if not subdued, result in negative outcomes for individuals or society. The uninstructed child acts upon every arising emotion while seeking that which is conducive to immediate pleasure; hence, as observed by Aristotle, they should be restrained and guided until comprehending the […]

League re-ups Calabasas leader

For the sixth consecutive year, Calabasas City Councilmember David Shapiro has received an appointment to the Community Services Policy Committee for the League of California Cities. Shapiro will work with the committee to review issues related to libraries, child care, cultural arts, parks and recreation, and community and human services programs. The League of California Cities is an association of […]

City relaxes attitude toward granny flats

Part of California’s housing crisis can be blamed on wary residents fed up with development. While locals may object to the construction of new housing in their midst, the state is taking a different approach in meeting the growing demand for homes by fast-tracking the availability of so-called accessory dwelling units. Sometimes the granny flats don’t even require new construction; […]