Avalon officials ‘disingenuous’

I read The Acorn’s article in the Nov. 27 issue about the Avalon affordable housing initiative with interest. One large point, which was not mentioned, is the fact that Avalon paid off their construction bond 10 years early. Had Avalon not done so, it would have protected the affordable housing units for another 10 years until 2028. Avalon’s attorney says […]

Don’t protect damaged trees

I don’t have any knowledge of the details of the Oak Park area plan, but it would seem odd that such a plan would not have a clause that stipulates diseased or damaged trees that pose a hazard to people or property. I can appreciate long-term resident Mary Weisbrock’s concern. We humans get attached to the familiar; it’s one of […]

Understanding what is CBD

There seems to be a great deal of confusion, in general, about the production of CBD from hemp and what is being sold to the public. Colorado, the first state to legalize hemp production and CBD, mandates its production by law. Both the growing of hemp and CBD must follow strict guidelines. I am not familiar with California law regulating […]

Animal oversight

The draft Woolsey Fire Task Force Report is supposed to ensure the community that the agencies learned from their experiences and mistakes. It was disappointing to learn that only 40 comments, mostly online submissions, were used by the consultant who prepared the report. Hundreds of us spent hours in all-day sessions to provide our comments, which now seem to be […]


Agoura Hills On Nov. 25 a thief stole a $1,500 electrical tracer amp probe that had been left in the bed of a truck parked on Country Glen Road. Someone entered an unlocked vehicle parked on Country Glen Road on Nov. 22 and stole a vehicle dash camera, prescription glasses, sunglasses, a security gate remote control, a gift card and […]

Board member wants to serve from afar

One Triunfo official upset

California law requires that any person running for a state or national office must be a resident of the district they strive to represent. The definition of ‘residency’ is a loose one, however. A current member of the Oak Park-based Triunfo Water and Sanitation District board of directors recently accepted a position with a company in Silicon Valley, over 350 […]

Caltrans completes work on Westlake Boulevard

The California Department of Transportation has completed a project to improve the roadway on Westlake Boulevard between the 101 Freeway and Carlisle Road. Crews recently installed an asphalt overlay on a winding, two-lane section of Westlake, also known as State Route 23, from Potrero Road to Carlisle. Fixing the 1.9-mile stretch of pavement was the final phase of a $5.5-million […]

New environmental superpower takes root

It’s easy to take the Santa Monica Mountains for granted—locals are accustomed to having scenic hikes and stunning vistas right at their doorstep. For almost 40 years, Mountains Restoration Trust has been the face of open space preservation in the mountains and in the valleys. Now the Calabasas-based organization is getting a boost. It was announced Nov. 4 that MRT, […]

Community Center celebrates 20 years

A community center can be a focal point in town. For parents, it’s a safe place for their kids to hang out. For fitness seekers, there are basketball courts and workout classes. In times of emergency, it can be a place to seek shelter. The Agoura Hills/Calabasas Community Center has been providing all that and more for not one, but […]

For Mayflower descendants, Thanksgiving carries special meaning

When Lorraine Kocen’s Pilgrim ancestors celebrated “the first Thanksgiving” in 1621 after surviving the Mayflower’s voyage to North America and the brutal first year as settlers, they commemorated the fall harvest with a feast of venison, fish and a variety of fruits and vegetables. When Kocen arrived at her family Thanksgiving celebration this year, the Thousand Oaks resident didn’t bring […]