Village plan ‘past its prime’

The Agoura Hills Village Plan is past its prime. A revisit and need to address the advancement of development in our city and surrounding areas has arrived. We need to face up to our responsibilities and the fact of the escalating climate crisis, its effect on our open space and increased requests for new development. Global heating, wildlife extinction and […]

Agoura Village input needed

Regarding the Agoura Village Specific Plan development at Agoura and Kanan roads, the City Council reviewed the plan Nov. 13. Further comment is coming, and your input is valuable and will affect the whole community. Taking in consideration the traffic, fires and environment, your opinion is valuable. Please speak out now—it is our last chance to make a difference and […]

Wants vote on Avalon

I think one important topic is missing from your article, letters in response, the Calabasas City Council meeting and those speaking at the meeting about the Avalon affordable apartments issue is the possible future impact on our city and the impact of the city letting this initiative go ahead without putting it to the vote of our residents. We already […]

Young student has thoughts on traffic safety

Every morning when my nanny drives me and my two little brothers to school, we cross the bridge by the famous restaurant, The Old Place. Although the bridge is a major improvement from driving the back roads, I have two concerns: The traffic lights by the bridge take forever to switch from red to green. Every morning when my nanny […]

School bond under fire

I see that LVUSD is considering another school bond. Their scare tactic includes school security and fire safety. They complain about losing state money to less fortunate, low-income areas when this small district found it acceptable— under another bond—to build not one, but two state-of-the-art performing art centers. Oh wait, let’s call them PAECs so we can throw in the […]

Answers wildlife bridge critic

I taught math for 40 years, so in a brief lesson I could help Mr. Scrivano to understand that $80 million is $20 million less than the $100 million he refers to for the construction of the Liberty Canyon wildlife bridge. His inaccurate rounding up does not clarify that a significant amount of increase has to do with the necessity […]

Katie Hill challenger

Your use of the descriptor “jailbird” when referring to George Papadopoulos does not reflect good taste and is, in effect, abusive. A jailbird to most Americans is someone who has been jailed repeatedly. By your definition, is Felicity Huffman also a jailbird? Furthermore, would referring to Kamala Harris as Willie Brown’s concubine or to Katie Hill as a harlot be […]

Cause of fires

I read Mr. Meril’s letter regarding the source of fires and, yes, some are man made. But then he added the term “global warming hysteria,” and I wondered how he considered that to be germane. Was he a meteorologist, a climatologist or a right-wing conservative Republican? It didn’t take me long to make a decision as to which moniker applies. […]

Utility responsibility

The California economy, larger than most of the world’s economies, continues the long-term trend of producing each dollar of GDP with less energy. Solar panels are installed on the roofs of many residences, businesses, schools, etc. Wind-powered generation farms stretch across many of the windy passes. PG&E’s response to the current trend of expanding the list of stakeholders beyond stockholders […]

Coping with tragedies

It’s fire season in California again, which means the anniversaries of the Thomas and Woolsey fires are here, as is the anniversary of the Borderline shooting. As with several other types of loss, anniversary dates for natural disasters can bring renewed symptoms of distress, especially for groups that may be marginalized or at higher risk. I think it is important […]