Oak Park residents await lagoon repairs

‘Once the concept is picked, we’ll work with the community on the design moving forward’

While much of the damage in the area has been cleared and prepped for rebuilding following last year fire, Oak Park residents are still waiting for the lagoon at Oak Canyon Community Park to be restored. The fire weakened the integrity of nearby hillsides and when heavy rains fell during the weeks following the blaze, mud and silt flowed down […]

Lagoon refresher

The Oak Park Planning Advisory Committee will hold a special meeting at 7 p.m. Thurs., Nov. 14 at the Oak Park Community Center to allow the public to provide further input related to the rehabilitation of the Oak Park pond and lagoon. District staff will present options for the reconstruction of the damaged pond. The community center is at 1000 […]

Writer sees fire’s silver lining at Oak Canyon

One of my favorite suburban parks—Oak Canyon Community Park in Oak Park—was badly burned by the Woolsey fire. Its wounds remain visible. The park has been a friend to me for many years. I knew it first in its earlier incarnation, when it was wild and not yet organized into cultivated areas that now include lawns, picnic pavilions, a dog […]

Woolsey by the numbers

The 2018 fire by the same name began in Woolsey Canyon in West Hills, at the Santa Susana Field Lab property southeast of Simi Valley. The canyon got its name from early 20th Century homesteaders to the area, Charles and Cora Woolsey. From the canyon, the fire shot south into Oak Park where it eventually jumped the freeway and in […]

At Seminole Springs, questions abound

Seminole Springs Mobile Home Park holds a special place in the Woolsey fire story. The 215- home community in the Santa Monica Mountains lost more than 100 homes when the blaze hit. Now, a year later, residents displaced by the fire are becoming impatient as they wait for permission to rebuild. But they’ll have to wait a while longer. Unlike […]



JAKE DUNHAM Born June 12, 1997 Thousand Oaks Jake Dunham was born at Los Robles Hospital and made many return trips to the medical center on Janss Road in the years that followed. He had hemophilia and lost sight in one eye at the age of 7, but his mother, Kathy, said he never let that slow him down. “He […]

In conclusion . . .

CAUTIONARY TALE—While the causes for Woolsey and other fires that have plagued the state in recent years remain a political hot-potato, one thing is for certain—most of the blazes are preventable. Organizations like MRT hope to educate people at a young age.

Alleged canyon shooter facing murder rap

The man accused of killing a father in Malibu Creek State Park last year has been charged with murder by a Los Angeles County grand jury. An indictment unsealed at a Tuesday morning hearing charges 43-year-old Anthony Rauda with 10 counts of attempted murder and five counts of burglary. He pleaded not guilty and is being held on $10 million […]

Woolsey fire victims strive for a new normal

Survivor stories from the Woolsey fire tear at the heart strings and tug at the soul. But they are nothing if not inspirational, and a cautionary tale of how families made it through those horrific weeks in early November last year, and what they are doing today. The destruction gave some families an opportunity to reexamine life and decide if […]

Cutting the ribbon at fire-damaged playground

Eagle View Park gets a post- Woolsey face-lift