2019-11-07 E-Edition

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One year following the area’s biggest fire, progress is made and hearts are healing

Everyone learned something from the Woolsey fire. Residents who fled the flames know what to bring with them next time. Homeowners who lost property learned to navigate the labyrinthine corridors of insurance reimbursement and government assistance. And stung by a recent Los Angeles County report that outlined areas in which the Woolsey firefighting agencies fell short, first responders have vowed […]

Families rebuild, but challenges remain

Tammy Maginnis Odell moved to Seminole Springs in 1989. The idyllic, mobile home park lies nestled in the rural Santa Monica Mountains south of Agoura, and life was mostly good in those days—she bought a home and raised her family there. As the years went by, never did she think she’d see a day like Nov. 8, 2018, the day […]

Never Forget

NEVER FORGET—First responders deserve unending appreciation. These thank you cards were made by members of the public, mostly young people, and delivered to area firefighters during a Woolsey fire one-year remembrance event Nov. 2 at Tavern 101 Grill & Tap House in Agoura Hills. It has been a year of heartbreak and healing.

Post-fire bridge repairs on track

Along its path of destruction, the Woolsey fire destroyed a major bridge on Mulholland Highway and constricted the flow of traffic along the narrow canyon roadway. The bridge, near Mulholland and Troutdale Drive, was replaced by a temporary single-lane structure. Plans are underway to build a permanent structure. Los Angeles County, which is responsible for replacing the bridge, will receive […]

Happiness amid the heartbreak is possible

Today marks exactly one year since our 12 loved ones died in the tragedy at Borderline. Tomorrow, it will have been exactly a year since the Woolsey fire started and, to this day, we still find it hard to fathom those “72 Hours From Hell,” as our bold headline back then proclaimed. On one unforgettable day, brothers, sisters, best friends, […]

Honor the 12 by spreading kindness, humor, courage

COMMENTARY /// Remembering Borderline

Nov. 7. For many years, that box on the calendar had been a day that brought special joy to my heart. It wasn’t a date that went by casually or unnoticed. It has been both the celebrated birthday of a good friend and also a day I marked in my heart to remember the faithfulness of God toward our family. […]

‘Tears and hugs’

At approximately 11:20 p.m. Wed., Nov. 7, the unimaginable happened. That was the moment we discovered that our 19-year-old daughter had been witness to a mass shooting at Borderline. We brought her home in a state of numb disbelief, and watched the news through the night as the horrors of the events unfurled. The next evening, the community came together […]

A year later, what have we learned?

What specifically has been learned from the recent deadly fires in our area? Did we learn that some of the most devastating fires are caused by downed power lines? What are we going to do about those ugly, costly, flimsy power poles and vulnerable power lines that are the source for many of the most devastating wild fires? Are the […]

Key questions still remain

As I watched the footage of the fires in this fire season, one reporter leaned over the barrier at the edge of the 118 Freeway, and ran her fingers through dried weeds that bordered that freeway. I have been noticing as I drive the freeways that there are stretches along them that are overwhelmed by high dry weeds, “fire fodder.” […]