Walk in the park

Avid walkers, we now take great joy in Westlake Village’s picturesque new linear park that snakes its way south on Lindero Canyon from Agoura Road to Lakeview Canyon. We’ve clocked it at 20 minutes each way, time well spent absorbing the beauty and naturalness of the shrubbery and blooms, a radiant landscape treasure that benefits residents of the entire area. […]

Re: the homeless

Los Angeles County has one of the nation’s highest housing costs. It also has 60,000 people who every night are homeless. This represents a huge sociological problem. Last week’s Acorn represents two different approaches to that problem. One approach is an article that describes how George Annino, Ralph Boulware and Steve Bonifede are working tirelessly collecting sleeping bags to assuage […]

No easy solution

I read the editorial last week (Oct. 17) describing the unintended victims of rodenticides and the plight of our majestic mountain lions. I agree with the recommendation to urge others to use alternatives to rodent poisons and agree with the exclusion recommendations to fix holes and clean up areas in and around homes and buildings. Seeing “RED,” where you repel, […]

Facts distorted

Daniel Patrick Moynihan once wrote, “Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not to his own facts.” The Oct. 17 Acorn contained a letter to the editor that clearly distorted the facts related to Sheriff Bill Ayub’s decision to withdraw official county support from an event originally thought to be a memorial fundraising football game. The facts surrounding this […]

Fix Mae Boyar

Please fix the playground at Mae Boyar Park, and save the giant ash tree nearby. That is what I am asking the Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District to do. Right now, the district wants to chop down the 50-year-old tree because its roots have raised the padded surface under the play equipment in some areas. However, Carolyn Cass Barton […]

Hurray for Medicare’s Silver Sneakers

I am 71 years old and retired a little over a year ago. I have Medicare and I have a Medicare supplement. One of the benefits of my Medicare supplement plan is I receive free gym membership through the Silver Sneakers Program. Most of the major Medicare supplement programs will pay for the Silver Sneakers Program. There are a number […]

‘Dirty secret’

Mental illness addiction and the release of thousands of prisoners all undoubtedly contribute to the current California homeless situation, but the core of the problem is supply and demand. The Golden State has a 3.5-million unit dwelling deficit, and last year constructed just 125,000 new homes. California’s dirty little secret is that its housing shortage, and the homeless crisis it […]

Deputy charged in sex assault

A Ventura County sheriff’s deputy was in court this week to answer charges that he forced himself on a female inmate who was awaiting trial. Leonard Lopez, 48, a 20-year veteran of the department, was arrested Sept. 22 on suspicion of sexual battery and subsequently placed on paid administrative leave. According to a statement from the sheriff’s office, Lopez entered […]

More buildings coming down at field lab

DOE releases demolition plan

Plans to demolish 13 of the remaining 18 structures on the U.S. Department of Energy’s portion of the Santa Susana Field Lab have been met with disdain from activists working toward full cleanup at the 2,850-acre site. On Sept. 23, the DOE released the first of possibly three records of decision regarding cleanup plans for its 400-acre parcel of the […]