Civility needed for gender issue

While I am applauding the courage of responsible parents for refusing neutrality in the moral crisis when defending their parental rights—to refuse some parts of the materials and instruction that are not age appropriate or offensive to their personal views—regarding the Oak Park school district adopted gender-based curriculum, I certainly want to compliment the reasonable parents and OPUSD who have […]

Motorcycle fatality

It is with sadness and dread that I read of the passing of Mr. Richman of Oak Park as the result of another “left-turn in front of a motorcyclist incident,” this time on Kanan. My children attended Oak Park High School with Mr. Richman’s, and his loss is tragic. Your quoting of comments from persons who commonly use Eagleton are […]

Agoura Hills an ‘easy mark’

It is time for the Agoura Hills City Council to start worrying about the safety of Agoura Hills residents and businesses. The word is out that Agoura Hills is an easy mark for burglaries and vandalism. Recently around 3 a. m., crooks broke into Urbane Cafe, The Habit, The Wildflower Bakery, Nail Blvd and welcomed the new Currying Flavors Indian […]

Calabasas homes

By now most of us have seen and spoken with people gathering signatures for the Avalon Calabasas Apartment Initiative to preserve the 80 units of affordable apartments at their 600-unit housing project located between Las Virgenes and Lost Hills roads. In return they want to add 161 apartments at market rates. We first heard about it in July when Avalon […]

Smoke signal

A neighbor in Oak Park near Sabra, Locust and Smoke Tree avenues has been lighting a fire in their backyard every morning between 2 and 5 a.m. for the past two months. Unfortunately, the smoke is filling the inside of many homes nearby and is affecting our health. Several neighbors have reported many health issues as a result of this […]

Wildfire safety is paramount

I am a proud Woosley fire survivor. Rudy Gonzalez’s presentation for SCE on Aug. 14 at my local City Council meeting caught my attention. The talk covered detailing a Wildfire Mitigation Plan (WMP)—addressing and reducing fire ignitions caused by utility and infrastructure; fortifying the electrical system against a threat of changing conditions; and the impact of wildfire (CA Public Utilities […]

Stop demonizing

Ms. Goodman, no relation, is entitled to her opinions and feelings, which she expresses by way of assertion, allegation and innuendo, but shouldn’t be used as fodder to fill the pages of this newspaper. The Green New Deal is brought to us by a “Marxist movement funded by left-wing billionaire oligarchs.” Really? Which movement? What oligarchs? “Communist revolutionaries have found […]

Sheriff’s Blotter

Agoura Hills A thief stole a woman’s wallet out of her purse while she shopped at the Trader Joe’s on Canwood Street on Aug. 29. The wallet contained her credit and debit cards, cash, a diamond earring and a gold coin. The stolen items were worth $7,480. A person entered an unlocked vehicle parked on Dovetail Drive on Aug. 27 […]

Acorn wants creative minds put to work

In today’s world of apps where the writing and thinking are often done for you, The Acorn places high value on personal creativity. One of the newspaper’s most popular and enduring competitions is Fiction in a Nutshell, and this year the longtime contest returns. Entries are being accepted in the 2019 Fiction in a Nutshell competition, which calls for submissions […]


Our article about the Oak Park School District gender identity and antibullying program incorrectly reported counselors will visit classrooms once a month. The program for elementary-age kids occurs once a year, not monthly.