Don’t like the curriculum? Try home schooling

Nobody should be “shocked and saddened”—and I do have sympathy—by any of the lessons the public school system may be teaching. When you opt to send your children to government-run schools, you must abide by what the government says. However, there are options, and one of them is home schooling. This allows for the teaching of sensitive subject matter in […]

School district is ‘normalizing’ homosexuality

From first grade to 10th grade I was always in the lower 25% of normal male physicality. I was short and underweight, so I got beat up by bullies. Two things happened in 11th grade: I grew to 5-feet-9-inches tall and I started lifting weights. But I still got bullied by guys who were reaching adult size in that time […]

Sex education

The gender-based curriculum is a bold move by OPUSD and it is certainly not wholeheartedly applauded by all. Many parents feel blindsided by this curriculum as school resumed. It’s not required by law for them to teach such curriculum. Why do we applaud over-stepping parental rights? Children do not show signs of “transgender” behavior but rather signs of “gender dysphoria” […]

Hopes city will embrace affordability

I am native to this area and have been fortunate to be able to call Avalon Calabasas my home for nearly three decades now. And in that time, I’ve seen a lot of change, both in my own life and to the surrounding Calabasas community. But, luckily, there is one thing that hasn’t changed: My monthly rent has remained reasonable. […]

Fair tops 300,000 visitors again

Twelve-day event finishes safely

The Ventura County Fair reported a slight increase in attendance for its 12-day run that concluded Aug. 11. More than 302,780 visitors came to the fair, an increase of almost 1.3% over last year. It was the 144th year for the county fair. “For us the focus is not about the numbers of people coming through the gates, but about […]

Active shooter drill uses Westlake High

Meth bust near Promenade

A suspected drug trafficker arrested in Thousand Oaks is being held in Ventura County Jail on $200,000 bail. Oscar Guadalupe Sainz Ponce, 50, was stopped Aug. 2 near the Westlake Promenade with what the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office says was nearly 70 pounds of crystal meth in the trunk of his car. The Hemet resident was pulled over by a […]

A Mediterranean feel by the lake

Westlake Village can add another hot spot—or rather, return one to its list of posh eateries. After six months out of commission, Mediterraneo restaurant has reopened its doors with a new look and new menu. Maria Solorzano is director of sales and marketing for the Westlake Village Inn, which is part of the same property as the Agoura Road Mediterraneo […]

RAD parade selects celebrity grand marshal

Reyes Adobe Days is still a couple of months away, but a celebrity grand marshal has already been chosen to lead the events, which include a RAD parade down Reyes Adobe Road in Agoura Hills. Actor and Agoura Hills resident Regan Burns was selected as the recognizable face of the four-day festival scheduled for Oct. 10 to 13. Burns is […]

Jacaranda more than just a pretty face

On the Trail

I saw double as I peered through a sprightly patch of society garlic plants growing in a terraced Thousand Oaks garden. An annoying insect had decided to take a swim in my right eye and was wreaking havoc with my vision. How to fix this? It came to mind that a vigorous sneeze or two might help clear the invader […]