‘Those’ people

I was floored by comments opposing low-income housing in Calabasas because having “such neighbors” would lead to increased crime rates. Where have I heard this before? The real problem is that Calabasas has open borders allowing “those people” in. What we need is to build a wall around Calabasas. This won’t cost anything because the City of Los Angeles will […]

Out of control

I am writing in response to recent letters published in regard to the homeless problem. I have been watching this problem grow out of control in some cities over the last three years. These are not people who just lost their jobs and can’t afford rent. These are mostly people with very serious drug and mental problems. We need to […]

An exaggeration

It is the height of hyperbole and dishonesty to call suggestions for housing the homeless in homeless camps as “concentration camps.” As one whose family experienced the horror and death of European concentration camps, where people were either forced into slave labor or marked for death, Grayson Peters’ letter is a falsehood that only diminishes the horror while attempting advocacy […]

No fishing

I have been a Calabasas resident and CPHA member for 33 years. I raised my children here and walk the lake daily with my dogs. The time has come to ban fishing at the Calabasas Lake. In the past month, I have personally witnessed injured turtles, injured geese and other beautiful birds who are still tangled and suffering from fishing […]

You try living next to dog park

Before anyone considers taking sides regarding the Westlake Village Dog Park, I’d like them to consider living a day in the life of my neighbor, John, who filed the complaint. The dog park was built contiguous to his property and, with the city recently choosing to extend visiting hours, it is now open from 7 a.m. to sundown. That means […]


On July 17, I noticed a downed traffic signal at the southeast corner of Kanan Road and Canwood Street eastbound in Agoura Hills. This seems to be a continual trouble spot, as oversized trucks try to make the right turn from northbound Kanan Road onto eastbound Canwood Street. There is, obviously, not enough room for a tractor pulling a 45-foot […]

Not more oaks

I believe it was Joni Mitchell who sang, “They paved paradise and put up a parking lot.” On July 24, the Westlake Village City Council was to consider a request to destroy four mature oak trees at 17 Sherwood Drive in Oak Forest Estates. So many trees were lost in the recent fires that we must not be complacent while […]

The grinch who stole July Fourth

I don’t have a strong opinion one way or the other about Agoura Hills foregoing fireworks this year. I love fireworks, actually, and have enjoyed them for most of my 78 years. While Barry Davis does recognize the necessity for our military, he doesn’t want to be reminded of its existence during the Fourth of July celebrations. In all due […]

Leave it ‘the way it is’

I’m writing to express my concerns regarding the impending developments that threaten a safe evacuation route for all who live off of Kanan Road. I have written the mayor and council members too. I am concerned about the impact of 20,000 more cars on Kanan and the intersection of Kanan and Agoura roads. It’s unimaginable. It can bottleneck now on […]