Put moratorium on Village until further review

At a recent “goal-setting meeting” with the Agoura Hills City Council, many of us entered full of hope but left feeling more like villagers with pitchforks and torches. Some said “no matter who we elect, the moment their backsides hit the chair they forget everything,” The biggest issue by far is the proposed review of the obsolete, more-than-a-decade-and-a-half-old, Agoura Village […]

Bridge presents problem for area bicyclists

One of the unfortunate events from the Woolsey fire was the burning of the Troutdale Bridge on Mulholland Highway. A temporary bridge was targeted to open on May 22. Unfortunately, it is a one-lane bridge that will cause significant logistical issues for everyone needing to cross it. We are extremely grateful that we will get a bridge, but this does […]

Takes hard line stance on death of P-47

In a populated, civilized area, the only good mountain lion is a caged mountain lion or a dead mountain lion. P-47’s death is, indeed, tragic. But not for the usual reasons the hysterical bridge folk will list: highways, development, urban sprawl, lack of connectivity. No, the reason this poor, beautiful, bloodthirsty, apex hunter suffered and slowly died in excruciating pain […]

Las Virgenes development prone to fire

As a resident of Calabasas, I consider myself and my neighbors stakeholders within our community. After experiencing the chaos and loss due to the Woolsey wildfire, I am frightened at the thought of more buildings being crammed into an already over-burdened watershed and scenic corridor. The story poles for the proposed West Village at Calabasas at Agoura and Las Virgenes […]

Taliban peace?

President Trump and the State Department cannot allow a peace deal with the Taliban. A peace deal with the Taliban would allow them to persecute minorities in Afghanistan such as the Hazaras. The Hazaras are an ethnic and religious minority. Atrocities against the Hazaras over the last century have been horrendous. The Pashtun majority, which is made of the ruling […]

Woolsey fire cleanup continues in Oak Park

Resident takes active role

In the months since the Woolsey fire, the scorched hillsides have given way to lush new plant growth so thick it’s hard to tell there was even a fire at all. But despite appearances, the damage to the hills remains. One Oak Park resident has been working with the Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District to help heal the community’s […]

His Honor, the Mayor

HIS HONOR, THE MAYOR—Calabasas Mayor David Shapiro is guest of honor at the May 16 meeting of the Calabasas Chamber of Commerce. Shapiro was elected to the City Council in 2013 and is in his second term as mayor. He is said to advocate equally for business rights and environmental protections.

Sheriff’s Blotter

Agoura Hills A robber broke into Agoura’s Famous Deli on Kanan Road on May 15. The culprit smashed a glass window, causing $300 in damage, and stole $2,840 in cash from the manager’s office. On May 14 a burglar broke into Uncle Af’s on Kanan Road by smashing the glass front door, causing $500 in damage. The owner was unsure […]

Down and out in Agoura Hills

White Oak Elementary celebrates half a century of ‘specialness’

Schools are the fixtures of any community—kids pass through them on their way to adulthood and maybe some of them end up sending their own children to the same schools they attended. A campus facade may change, get an upgrade, but for the most part things stay the same. So much so that they can become invisible, just another piece […]