Growing great greenery indoors

COMMENTARY /// Gardening tips

Gardeners know the benefits of digging in the soil. It elevates a person’s mood, improves mental and physical well-being and the outcome is always good—added beauty or tasty nutritional food. But many of us are stuck indoors for the winter, have a lack of space to garden outdoors or just can’t get enough of this healthful activity. Adding greenery indoors […]

Simple bathroom installations with big impact for 2019

Craving a more beautiful bathroom? Make this the year that you finally create the bathroom of your dreams. Fortunately, a major remodel isn’t needed. Consider these ideas for simple changes with big impact. With a little planning and effort, you’ll add to your home’s value and functionality while getting the “Pinterest-worthy” bathroom you know will make you smile every day. […]

Do the right thing

Unified Basketball League tournament is a slam dunk this March Madness

March Madness games usually mean one basketball team will inevitably suffer a heartbreaking defeat. At Newbury Park High’s Unified Basketball League tournament on March 15, everyone was a winner. Special needs athletes basked in the glory of the greatest game on hardwood as dozens of volunteer high school teammates and hundreds of supportive fans cheered. “It felt awesome,” said Austin […]

Very special time

I want to thank the Calvary Community Church, its volunteers, Oaks Christian High School students and other high school volunteers for putting on an extraordinary dance for throngs of teens and young adults with disabilities. What joy and fun you brought to these too-often socially isolated young people. They danced and laughed the night away with their high school “buddy” […]

Paying more attention to details pays off

Other Side of 50

My husband is a finance guy, a CPA with a master’s in taxation. He is, by all accounts, a meticulous, detail-oriented individual. It’s nice to have one of those in a family. At least one of us should be reading the dishwasher manual when it malfunctions, checking a contract’s fine print before signing and making sure the stove is turned […]

The Healing Power of Martial Arts

Jamie Smith had a mild stroke 14 months ago at age 50. Smith decided to be kinder to himself. He stopped drinking alcohol, quit eating red meat and dairy and started drinking a gallon of water a day. Smith also opened a taekwondo school in Simi Valley’s Wood Ranch Shopping Center and wrote a book about his healing and losing […]

Medicare services can help you stay healthy

COMMENTARY /// Medicare

At its most basic, preventive healthcare means living a healthy lifestyle. Eat a balanced diet. Exercise regularly. Maintain a healthy weight. And stop smoking. Like anyone else, people with Medicare can benefit from healthy living habits as it covers a wide variety of shots and numerous tests to help detect diseases early, when they’re in their most treatable stages. You […]

Students, there is a better way

Like so many other people, the college admissions scandal has infuriated me on so many levels. As the college advisor at Calabasas High School for over a decade, I try to remind parents and students that there are over 2,000 degree-granting, four-year institutions in the United States. The average 11th-grader can probably name about 10, all “brand-name” colleges. Just this […]


THURS., MARCH 21 Simi Valley Art Association 6 p.m. at Rancho Simi Rec and Park District Activity Center, 4201 Guardian St., Simi Valley. Demo by animator Pete Michels, supervising producer at Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, Burbank, and director for Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim show. Admission: $5 SVAA members, $7 nonmembers. Web: simivalleyart.org. Ventura County Rose Society 6:30 p.m. doors open and […]