Not ‘if’ but ‘when’

Construction proponents undeterred by slow fundraising

Efforts to build a Liberty Canyon wildlife bridge that would enable mountain lions to roam the rugged Santa Monica and Simi open spaces are moving ahead in 2019, said Beth Pratt-Bergstrom, California director for the National Wildlife Federation. Supporters have made significant headway since the #SaveLACougars campaign was launched in 2014. But fundraising for the wildlife bridge over the 101 […]

Scorched hills come back to life with nature and animals

Proof that Mother Nature indeed works in mysterious ways

SPROUTS —Hikers and passers-by can’t help but notice the recent explosion of green in the local Santa Monica Mountains. At left, a hiker takes a picture of the stark contrast between the burned ground and new growth on the trails above Oak Park. Below, Acorn employee Marilynn Band was driving east on Muholland Highway just past King Gillette Ranch when […]

Pet of the week

PEEK-A-BOO—An unclaimed fire evacuee, Skittles is still a little shy but loves to play, especially following a laser light toy. Litter trained and good with other cats. Meet Skittles, ID No. 5244027 in the Habikat room at the Agoura Hills Animal Care Center, 29525 Agoura Road. Occasionally pets have already been adopted, so check Los Angeles County Animal Care and […]

Worship service with a country twist

Music includes folk, bluegrass

After a sermon on the Beatitudes—blessings recounted by Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount—during a recent Saturday service, the worship band at Ascension Lutheran Church played Skip Ewing’s “The Gospel of Luke.” The country ballad tells the story of a homeless man named Luke who carries his Bible in a Crown Royal bag, bows his head to say grace […]

Purse thieves come out of the shadows

Women are unsuspecting victims

More than a dozen women have reported recent handbag thefts at area shopping centers and restaurants—a crime that means they will have to call banks, credit card companies and other financial institutions as they try to keep their stolen cards from being used. One woman, who asked to be anonymous for this story, reported that her wallet was stolen out […]

Calabasas teen an award-winning filmmaker

Fun hobby has become his passion

It’s said that the trick to enjoying work is loving what you do. For Benjamin Steinberg, 19, that’s making movies. What started as a fun hobby for the Calabasas native has begun taking him places. His 14-minute film “The Existential Crisis of Maxwell Anderson” has been making the rounds at short film festivals around the country and has even won […]

Rabbit reigns over plants

When I was a kid, I was always on Bugs Bunny’s side, heckling and booing Elmer Fudd, who lived in a constant state of exasperation. Well, fast-forward to my current growing grounds in Newbury Park, where a real-life descendant of the Bugs Bunny I admired has turned me into a raving mad, sputtering Fuddnik myself. I have never encountered as […]


San Glaser and band in concert The Simcha Concert Series will continue with Jewish musician Sam Glaser and his ensemble in concert at 7 p.m. Sun., March 3 in the Temple Ner Simcha sanctuary, 880 Hampshire Road, Westlake Village.  Glaser performs for over 100,000 people worldwide each year. Moment Magazine calls him “one of the top 10 Jewish artists in […]

Trees and power lines not a good mix

Locals love their trees, but trees don’t love power lines. When the two come into contact the results can be deadly. Following the disastrous fire season that left hundreds of thousands of acres across California scorched, utility companies are working to minimize the chances of their infrastructure sparking another blaze. Power giant Southern California Edison has admitted that its lines […]

Local mother inspires others after two near-death experiences

Woman overcame cancer, and a bullet to the head

Despite her peaceful demeanor, Liane Olin knows how to battle. She’s learned the hard way. The 49-year-old mother of three was driving with her family on the 405 Freeway in 2017 when she was struck in the head by a random bullet. The shot entered the windshield on the driver’s side, hit Olin over the right eye and continued through […]