In the aftermath

I would like to thank Michael Edelstein for his beautiful poem, “The Aftermath: Woolsey Fire 2018” (Letters to the editor, Dec. 27, 2018). Clearly he put much effort and thought into it, and he certainly echoed my sentiments about this natural disaster that affected the entire Conejo Valley. Even now, I can’t help but get a lump in my throat […]

Dr. Fred Schaffner

10/26/1935 – 1/5/2019

With love and support from his closest family and friends, Dr. Fred Schaffner passed away peacefully at Los Robles Hospital on January 5, 2019. He patiently waited for his wife Josette to return home from a trip and the rest of his family to gather around him before he took his last breath. He was always putting others first even […]

It’s go time for Eagles

Pieces are in place for Oak Park to make a Division 4AA postseason run

Rhea Bhutada has the toughest gig in town. The junior post for the Oak Park High girls’ basketball team has to battle Julia Broms—arguably the best center in Ventura County—every day at practice. During a furious three-on-three scrimmage on Tuesday night, Broms accidentally elbowed Bhutada in the face. Bhutada continued playing with a bloody lip until a teammate noticed and […]

Dangerous road

As we were getting ready to leave our home for an appointment last Friday late morning, I watched in horror as a little lost white fluffy doggie got run over twice by two different hit-and-run cars speeding at 60 miles an hour in a residential area of the deadly intersection of Lindero Canyon Road and Whim in Westlake Village. I […]

Residents rally for Borderline families

Fundraiser held Jan. 6


THURS., JAN. 10 Stop Human Trafficking Awareness Day 6:30 p.m. at Santa Susana High School, 3570 Cochran St., Simi Valley. Talks by a survivor, president of Forever Found and sheriff’s office detective. Video from Truckers Against Human Trafficking. Free. Limited seating. Email: Iwillnotbesold@gmail.com. Conejo Valley Woodworkers Assoc. 7 p.m. in cafeteria building, Redwood Middle School, 233 W. Gainsborough Road, Thousand […]

Wrongly blamed

I find it disappointing that The Acorn would run a front-page article blaming environmentalists for the results of the destruction of more than 1,000 structures during the latest wildfires. It would appear that complaining environmentalists have influenced our safety so much that their actions actually increased the number of homes burned to the ground in recent fires. Apparently, the effect […]

Dog leg on the left gets help

INGENUITY PAYS OFF—Left, Pete, a 9-year-old Golden Retriever, goes for a walk with his owners, Deb Mukherjee, left, and her friend John Lamorte, both of Agoura Hills, on New Year’s Eve at Mae Boyar Park in Oak Park. Lamorte was walking the dog as part of Pete’s therapy for a torn Achilles tendon. Lamorte, who makes orthotics and prosthetics, created […]

Reserve a seat for stand-up chuckles

Andy Hendrickson is a meat-eating comic who’s not afraid of vegans. Even when a vegan threatened to pummel him for making a joke about free-range chickens, Hendrickson kept his composure. “The guy wanted to beat me up,” Hendrickson deadpans. “But because he’s a vegan, he couldn’t. He lacked the essential vitamins and proteins necessary to throw a decent punch.” Hendrickson […]

More reaction to border-wall note

Thank you, Brian Goldenfeld, for writing to The Acorn about building the border wall. Over half of the people of America want the border wall built. With the government of California completely to the left, with a super majority in both houses, it’s hard to hear any other voices but theirs. This is a democracy, and we do have a […]