Fourth victim found

Human remains discovered in Calabasas

CRIME UPDATE The deep canyons and craggy rocks of the Santa Monica Mountains hold many mysteries. People vanish in the vast urban wilderness. Sometimes they turn up dead. For the fourth time in as many months—and as local residents talked in hush tones about the crime-filled summer that they’ve seen unfold—Los Angeles County Sheriff’s detectives were called into the local […]

Yarrow name goes on new YMCA

The homeless come home

Locals confront growing problem

Homelessness in the Conejo Valley is not a new phenomenon. Although the problem pales in comparison to urban Los Angeles, it is real and it is here. According to a 2018 Ventura County report, the number of homeless adults and children in the area rose almost 13 percent over the previous year to 1,300. It is the first time since […]

Plastics on the way out

As the early impacts of climate change begin to unfold, people are taking bold steps to care for the environment. One of the biggest dangers to land and sea is plastic—and minimizing the use of singleuse plastic bags, straws and containers has become a call to arms for those who worry that the planet is becoming choked with its own […]

All in the family

New cougar cubs found in mountains could be product of inbreeding

National Park Service researchers recently discovered a litter of four mountain lion kittens—two males and two females— in a remote area of the Santa Monica Mountains. The 4-week-old kittens are being called P-70, P-71, P-72 and P-73. National Park Service biologists took tissue samples, conducted a general health check and marked the kittens with ear tags. Although the blue-eyed, spotted […]

Triunfo board looks for new member

Paule’s departure creates vacancy

The Triunfo Sanitation District board of directors seeks to appoint an eligible member of the public to fill the seat formerly held by Michael Paule, a Westlake Village resident who resigned from the board in August and moved to Texas. With an operating budget of $15 million, the agency’s service area covers about 50 square miles and serves a population […]

Is this how we should teach our children?

The photo at right was taken by Acorn photo editor Rick Gillard at this week’s 9/11 tribute at Mesa Verde Middle School in Moorpark. The picture wasn’t taken at a shooting range or a police station. It was the scene Tuesday at a middle school in our own community—and it is at the middle schools, high schools and elementary schools […]


One solution for homelessness

Just a comment about a place that could be used for homeless. I’m not sure about the status of the old fire station in Newbury Park on Hillcrest Drive, but it seems to be ideal for this problem. The location has showers and a kitchen and the truck bays could accommodate many beds. It’s not near schools or neighborhoods but […]

Supporters like Ray Pearl

When Ray Pearl told me he planned to run for City Council at a Westlake Village summer event at which we both volunteered, I could not have been more delighted. My husband and I have known Ray for several years and deeply admire his commitment to public service. Ray gives so much of himself to making Westlake Village a great […]