State parks to lift ban on e-bikes?

Assisted-pedal bikes subject to a patchwork of restrictions

Tom Robbins is 73. Until his mid-60s, the Thousand Oaks resident was an avid cyclist, riding both mountain and road bikes. But eventually, he says, his knees wore out. After multiple surgeries to address the pain in his joints, he found himself out of shape and unable to take part in the sport he loved. Then a friend recommended he […]

Facebook threats lead to schools shutdown

Man arrested on suspicion of threatening Oak Park schools

The Ventura County Sheriff’s Office arrested a 74-year-old Agoura Hills man in connection with criminal threats made against the Oak Park Unified School District over the recent death of his son. Deputies, with the help of officers from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, found Morton Green in Laughlin, Nev., where they took him into custody July 10. According to […]

Malibu Creek neighbor reports more gunfire

More gunfire has been reported near Malibu Creek State Park. Deputies from the Malibu/Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station responded to a call about a gunshot that was heard in the vicinity of the park on the night of July 12. Sgt. J. Covarrubias said the caller reported hearing a single gunshot. “At approximately 11:09 (p.m.) we did get one single call […]

Westlake prepares to open bark park

Features include pet-washing stations

Canine lovers, break out the leash. The new Westlake Village dog park opens this weekend with a 10 a.m. ceremony Sat., July 21. City engineer Jessica Arden said the park is mostly complete except for some finishing touches on fencing and one of the lock systems. “And we needed at least three months to let the grass establish,” Arden said. […]

Triangle Ranch to become public space

Several agencies, including the City of Agoura Hills, have joined to purchase Triangle Ranch, a 320-acre property that for years seemed destined to be a custom-home development in the unincorporated area of Los Angeles County next to Agoura Hills near Ladyface Mountain. The public outcry to keep the land as open space grew louder over the years, especially now that […]

Maturity the payoff for teens who hold summer jobs

The summertime job has long been a rite of passage. Stocking shelves, delivering pizzas, bussing tables and folding clothes have put some extra cash in the pockets of teens for generations. But something has happened in recent decades, and fewer high schoolers are getting their first workplace experience over the summer break, according to a study performed by Drexel University’s […]


Doesn’t approve of Agoura eruv

The eruv in our secular community must be taken down. Personal religious nonsense needs to be kept within homes, synagogues and churches, not in public space. The next thing will be people requesting special permits to put up their Flying Spaghetti Monster statues around the community. The city will have no choice but to grant a permit for them, too. […]

Not a threat to local wildlife

The eruv discussion continues: I’ve noted the deep concern our neighbors have for the safety of our feathered friends, and I truly appreciate it. However, why do they think the eruv is more dangerous than other natural ills that befall birds? I raise this because Israel (a small Jewish country in the Middle East) is surrounded by an eruv. Israel […]

One injured bird is one too many

As to Samuel Annis (July 5 Acorn) comparing fishing line to telephone lines, fishing line was developed specifically for fishermen concerned about fish being able to see it. This monofilament cannot be seen by fish and certainly not by birds. Rabbi Moshe Bryski comments that, “There’s not a single report in the entire world of a bird being harmed by […]