Not a threat to local wildlife

The eruv discussion continues: I’ve noted the deep concern our neighbors have for the safety of our feathered friends, and I truly appreciate it. However, why do they think the eruv is more dangerous than other natural ills that befall birds? I raise this because Israel (a small Jewish country in the Middle East) is surrounded by an eruv. Israel […]

B&G Clubs’ annual gala set for October

This year’s Stand Up for Kids Gala Dinner and Auction presented by the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Conejo Valley will take place Sat., Oct. 20 at the Four Seasons Hotel, Westlake Village. Three long-time contributors to the clubs are serving on the event committee and say they are “ready to make 2018 event the best yet.” Linda Catlin, […]

Fleetwood Mac tribute goes its own way

When Fleetwood Mac fired longtime member Lindsey Buckingham earlier this year, it sent shock waves through the fan community. If you’re still reeling over the news, you can step back in time and revel in the music and magic of the band’s classic lineup when Mirage: Visions of Fleetwood Mac performs from 5 to 7 p.m. Sun., July 22 in […]

On safari

CORNERED CRITTER—Eight-yearold Dean Mossyork of Simi Vallery, left, and 9-year-old Claire Murray of Oak Park, right, have different reactions to the Madagascar hissing cockroach during the Junior Safari Summer Camp on July 10 during held at America’s Teaching Zoo at Moorpark College.

One injured bird is one too many

As to Samuel Annis (July 5 Acorn) comparing fishing line to telephone lines, fishing line was developed specifically for fishermen concerned about fish being able to see it. This monofilament cannot be seen by fish and certainly not by birds. Rabbi Moshe Bryski comments that, “There’s not a single report in the entire world of a bird being harmed by […]

Channel Islands Harbor offers new launch lane

Launching a kayak and paddle board at the Channel Islands Harbor just got easier due to a tentative agreement reached between the California Coastal Commission and the Ventura County Harbor Department. The tentative agreement creates a temporary launch lane for kayakers and paddle boarders at the Harbor’s Kiddie Beach at the northwest corner of Victoria and San Nicolas avenues. A […]

Movie magic on stage

LET IT GO—Members of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Great Conejo Valley will present a musical review of moments from Disney films at 7 p.m. Fri., July 20 at Sequoia Middle School auditorium, 2855 Borchard road, Newbury Park. The kids will also sing Broadway hits in the free concert. For details, call (818) 706-0905 or go to bgcconejo.org.

Student to serve on junior college board

Connor Kubeisy hopes his new role in the Ventura County Community College District helps him find his voice. “I’m pretty quiet so I want to be more outgoing,” the Moorpark College student said. Earlier this year, the Simi Valley resident was elected by his classmates to serve as the lone student trustee on the district’s board of education, which oversees […]

Tax tires, not gas

There was a question posed by one reader: “If not the gas tax, then what?” I find there is another more equitable solution where vehicles that use our highways would be taxed commensurately. I propose a tire tax based on the size of each tire sold. Vehicles with lower GVW (gross vehicle weight) typically use smaller tires so they would […]

Nature activities for meditation and exercise

Other Side of 50

I’ve recently rediscovered my enthusiasm for kayaking. In the past, I’ve kayaked on a pond in Cape Cod, on the Charles River in Boston and on Westlake Lake. Those excursions were journeys of calm exploration. I’ve also kayaked in the ocean in Santa Barbara and near the Channel Islands. Those treks, on the other hand, were stress-filled, water-soaked battles with […]