Triangle Ranch group eyes Prop. 68 funds

Park bond could
save Agoura property for open space

The movement to protect Triangle Ranch in rural Agoura as open space has gained traction with the purchase of at least a portion of the property by local environmental groups. But the status of the 320-acre ranch near Kanan and Cornell roads still remains up in the air and its fate could be decided by voters in the June 5 […]


Lacing up the

Remaining physically fit is important for everyone, but especially for seniors in their fight against Father Time. From age 65 on, staying in shape is a constant uphill battle. The cost of a club membership and unfamiliarity with proper exercise routines is enough to keep people of any age away from the gym. But seniors with Medicare advantage and supplemental […]

A Three Springs makeover

The homeowners association at Three Springs in Westlake Village started construction last week to remodel the 30-year-old entrance to the neighborhood. The remodeling plan has been developing for two years, but a recently proposed addition to the project isn’t about beautification— it’s about surveillance. As part of the remodel, the HOA is considering installing security cameras at the three entrances […]

A huge pain no pill can heal

The growing opioid crisis is more than just a number; it’s about the individual stories behind the statistics, Robert W. Patterson, acting head of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, told an audience at the Reagan Library on May 3. More than 174 people nationwide die every day from drug overdoses, with about two-thirds of those deaths caused by opioids. And […]

Sidewalk closures

The California Department of Transportation said several sidewalks are being closed for renovations near the 101 Freeway through Calabasas and Agoura Hills. The $2.7-million project will improve access for people with disabilities as they cross the freeway on- and offramps along a 7-mile stretch of the highway between the two cities. The work will affect the walkways near ramps along […]

Sadly, conflict drives the meaning of Memorial Day

The June 5 primary election is less than two weeks away. And politicians and pundits make it abundantly clear that the gap between our country’s two leading parties will continue to expand as both sides retreat further behind their opposing ideological fortifications, leaving behind a chasm that has become an all but impassable minefield. But there remains one place where […]

Back on track

I’ve been a local resident using the running track at Oak Park High School for many years, for my exercise. I can’t run on the street due to joint problems. But I can no longer use the track as it is locked up. I pay exorbitant state and property taxes that support our local public schools. Why should the school […]

But maybe you should mind your own business

Yesterday while we attended an evening movie, some “concerned citizen” reported us for leaving our beloved little dog Bella in our car. Bella has been inseparable from our family since we brought her home seven years ago and goes everywhere with us. She is far happier in our comfortable roomy Land Rover and her travel bed than staying home alone. […]

Help with water

As a long-time Oak Park resident who loves this area for its natural beauty in spite of our water-challenged climate, I am really dismayed to see that while many SoCal communities have restarted their rebate programs for lawn replacement, Oak Park Water Service is one of the few utilities not taking advantage of this new funding from the Metropolitan Water […]

Oak Park needs to step up

My wife and I have lived in Oak Park for over 50 years. In that time there have been numerous ways that Oak Park residents have shown their compassion for those in need. However, on National Food Day, we noticed very few bags of food out for the mail carriers to pick up. The post office provided bags for the […]