The last straw

With plastic bags gone,
Calabasas now seeks to get rid of harmful straws

The City of Calabasas continues its push to minimize the harmful environmental impact of certain consumer products. City officials prohibited restaurants from using polystyrene containers in 2007, and in 2011 banned the use of disposable plastic shopping bags. Now, the City Council has its sights set on getting rid of another source of pollution—straws. The council ordered a study on […]

Butterflies are free

Second Amendment becomes first priority

Following the Feb. 14 shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., a wave of activism swept the country. There have been multiple rallies, protests and student walkouts calling for stricter gun control laws. Some have seen the movement as an assault on the Second Amendment. On May 3, students at Calabasas High School joined a nation-wide walkout […]

Woman’s call for help almost backfires

A cry for help by an emotionally troubled 60-year-old Agoura Hills woman led to a deputyinvolved shooting that almost turned deadly last week. Lisa Melograno admits she’s lucky to be alive following the standoff in the 4000 block of Yankee Drive. Melograno, who is being evicted from her townhome in the Liberty Canyon neighborhood, placed a call to 911 on […]

Survey shows most MDs still not using RX drug-tracking system

SPECIAL REPORT /// Opioid epidemic

Using the Controlled Substance Utilization, Review and Evaluation System is routine for Carlo Reyes, an emergency room physician at Los Robles Hospital and Medical Center in Thousand Oaks. “Because the opiate overdose epidemic is becoming more and more recognized, I’m seeing more emergency physicians taking the initiative to open up the CURES database and make sure the patients they’re treating […]


Agoura Hills On April 30, someone broke into a car in a gated apartment parking lot on Thousand Oaks Boulevard. The thief stole the vehicle owner’s remote to open the gated lot and a set of 10 chef’s knives that were in the trunk, worth $740. There was no damage to the vehicle, so it is unclear how the perpetrator […]

Target theft

A husband and wife from Newbury Park will be in court this week to answer to allegations they stole $2,400 worth of merchandise from Target stores in Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village and Woodland Hills. According to police, David and Elizabeth Hooper manufactured barcodes and affixed them to items of greater value. The couple would then use self-checkout lanes to surreptitiously […]

Goals set for Agoura

Council members, managers and personnel from all departments of the City of Agoura Hills met last week to outline achievements reached this past year and upcoming goals. The city took a broader look at goals for the first time, discussing projects, budgets and priorities for two years instead of one. City Manager Greg Ramirez kicked off the meeting with news […]

Doctors can take steps to reduce opioid deaths

So ingrained have prescription pills become in the American lifestyle, it’s almost hard to imagine a time before them. A pill to wake up. A pill to go sleep. A pill to stop eating. A pill to start eating. A pill when we’re down and a pill when we’re too up. A pill whenever we feel pain. A pill just […]

Oak Park, Rancho Simi standoff

The Acorn article about Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District and the Oak Park Unified School District concerns me. From what I read, several things are wrong about both sides of this issue. First of all, Rancho Simi apparently was making a substantial profit from operating the AM-PM Program in Oak Park. As I understood the article, much of that […]