Rindge Dam REMOVAL

As planning moves tofinal stages, hauling sediment becomes weighty issue

The Rindge Dam is a 90-year-old speed bump in the middle of Malibu Creek, a concrete hump that keeps the stream from flowing freely to the ocean. Long recognized as an impediment to the watershed, the 100-foot-high dam will be removed— if plans can be finalized. The demolition of Rindge Dam is a joint effort by the California Department of […]

High marks for LVUSD Principal of the Year

Mariposa’s Leslie Martinez recognized

It took a while to get her to sit down with me. “I just don’t like all the attention,” said Leslie Martinez, principal of the K-8 Mariposa School of Global Education after I told her I wanted to speak to her about being named Las Virgenes Unified School District’s first ever Principal of the Year. “It’s not about me, it’s […]

Zine announces candidacy, then drops out of the race

Former Los Angeles City Council member Dennis Zine put his name in the running to represent California’s 45th Assembly District. Monday, two weeks later, he was out. The seat previously held by San Fernando Valley native Matt Dababneh became vacant after multiple women came forward last December and accused Dababneh of sexual assault and harassment. A special election to fill […]

Police on lookout for ATM ‘jackpotting’

Sheriff ’s investigators in Ventura County have broken up scams involving crooks who use ATM skimming devices to steal people’s passwords and raid their bank accounts. But local fraud investigators say they’ve yet to see cases involving a more sophisticated scheme in which the thief plants malware inside an automatic teller machine that prompts it to dole out cash like […]

District opts out of Rancho Simi program

After decades of contracting with Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District to run its before- and after-school programs, Oak Park Unified School District has voted to operate its own AM/PM program. About 30 percent of families with children attending Oak Park schools use AM/PM. The OPUSD Board of Education voted last month to run the program in-house, a move that […]

Sheriff’s Blotter

Agoura Hills Between Feb. 2 and 5 someone stole mail from a home on Sierra Creek Road. The thief pried open the mailbox and went through the mail inside, taking a check, bank papers and tax documents. Someone stole the wheels, tires and seat of a bike locked in a garage on Agoura Road. The stolen items were worth $500. […]

No time to mess around with the flu

The death last week of La Reina High School student Gabriella Chabot from the flu is a sobering reminder of just how totally out of hand the disease has gotten this year. Gabriella was just 14, and the community is deeply saddened over her loss. As America has been sneezing, coughing and sniffing its way through January and February—dubbed the […]


Remodel, yes, develop, no

Thanks go to Chris Anstead and others for pushing that our Ralphs shopping center needs updating. Renovation here has been in the planning process for a long time, but this information was not available to the public until sometime after Dec. 1, when I checked. I am so thankful that this shopping center will finally get a renovation and that […]

Paved over

Life in SoCal is becoming unbearable thanks to over-development and overcrowding. The developers never seem to have enough. Their focus is to build and make money. There’s absolutely no regard for our quality of life, traffic jams, safety and the loss of our beautiful nature. We moved here to get away from chaos, confusion and traffic. We are surrounded by […]