It’s showtime for the new Westlake community park

$26 million— and 20 years— in the making

Westlake Village is preparing to roll out the red carpet for its new community sports park at Thousand Oaks Boulevard and Lindero Canyon Road, a grand municipal masterpiece that’s been 20 years in the making. The $26.2-million park will be dedicated by Westlake Village officials during a public ceremony and open house at noon Sun., Jan. 21. The project’s donors, […]

Calabasas votes higher salaries for City Council

4-1 vote with Maurer opposing

The Calabasas City Council members voted 4 to 1 last week in favor of raising their monthly salaries to $976, an increase of $127. City Councilmember Mary Sue Maurer voted against the pay raise saying it wouldn’t be right to boost personal income while a city-operated school program is being cut. Before discussing salaries at its Jan. 10 meeting, the […]

Agoura woman part of ID theft ring, cops say

The Ventura County Sheriff’s Office arrested three people Jan. 11 at a home in Agoura Hills for identity theft. The Ventura County Sheriff’s Office picked up Laura Lyons, 29, of Agoura Hills and Ewao Butler, 31, of Los Angeles for multiple identity theft charges. A third person was arrested but later released with no charges due to a lack of […]

Commission mediates Calabasas shul dispute

Neighbors concerned about residential synagogue

A home used as a shul in Calabasas has become the center of ongoing debate about neighborhood disturbances and zoning laws. The shul, or synagogue, has been operating out of a residence in the 24600 block of Park Miramar without a permit since 2008. For years, neighbors have accused the shul of violating city codes and, at times, disturbing the […]

Time’s wasting—gotta get up and move

There is a strong connection between physical fitness and mental wellness. Human beings are built to move, and when we put forth just a modicum of physical effort we get rewarded with a rush of adrenaline and endorphins, a sort of natural high that makes us feel empowered and alive. It’s good for the body and good for the mind. […]


Walk this way

In the Jan. 11 Acorn, there is a letter from Ray McGinnes titled “Explains need for WLV sidewalk.” The letter addresses a stretch of Lindero Canyon Road that does not have a sidewalk, but how does “WLV” translate into this article. So what does “WLV” actually stand for? The closest that I can come is “West Las Virgenes” which, coincidentally, […]

Update on the Agoura cat walk

I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the recent showing of the documentary film “The Cat That Changed America” and the panel discussion of experts that followed the showing. The Agoura Hills 101 Freeway wildlife overpass was discussed by the panel. It was interesting to learn that the 101 Freeway has genetically isolated dozens of animal species, including […]

Reform criminal justice system

It seems there is always something calling our attention, but for far too long, our poor, working class and communities of color have been suffering due to unjust criminal persecution for minor offenses like possession of marijuana. The time for criminal justice reform is long overdue. Please find ways to divert money from the prison industrial complex into education and […]

What happened?

I am so disenchanted with our fellow citizens, both right and left and also in the middle. What happened to our neighborly attitudes, our camaraderie and our patriotism (love of country)? My generation grew up with it in the late 1930s, ’40s and ’50s. When we come under attack of some sort, we then dig deep to become friends and […]