New dog park, YMCA highlight 2017 in Westlake

YEAR IN REVIEW /// Westlake Village

Westlake Village had a productive 2017, with several major construction projects undertaken and new legislation passed. In August, the city began building its first dog park. The 1.2-acre park will be at the corner of Oak Crest Drive and Agoura Road and is expected to open this summer. Efforts continue to complete the new Westlake Village YMCA, but financing for […]

Crash course at Agoura High School

WRONG WAY—Deputies arrested James Daly in March after he drove his car onto the high schoolfield and allegedly tried to hit members of the baseball team. Daly was an ‘87 AHS graduate.

Park plans finalized in 2017


Final plans for the new Mae Boyar Park community center in Oak Park were approved last year. The park is 50 years old. Construction on a $2.4-million building is set to begin later this summer. Oak Park also welcomed two new members to its Municipal Advisory Council in 2017. In other Oak Park news for 2017, Seema Chandra and Jane […]

The outlook for 2018 legal marijuana is still hazy

Pot became legal in our safe and cuddly community Monday, and the world didn’t come to an end. At least for now, the new recreational marijuana law appears to be much ado about nothing, A century of marijuana criminal law ended Jan. 1, replaced by a new law containing a patchwork of do’s and don’ts for residents, employers and police […]


Agoura rec center unease

The response in last week’s Acorn by the staff at the Agoura Hills Recreation and Event Center to the request by bridge players for more space is wrong. Staff member Amy Brink does not even know when we play bridge. She said we start playing at 10 a.m., but play does not begin until 11 a.m. There is a large […]

Note to new Westlake mayor

I send best wishes to Westlake Village’s new mayor, Mark Rutherford. However, I hope he will rethink his priorities. He lists as his highest priority a gold-plated $4-million sidewalk adjacent to his neighborhood on Lindero Canyon Road. Perhaps, he might look at other less expensive projects such as the unsightly and unlandscaped freeway right-of-way, only a $400,000 project that would […]

Mother Nature takes charge

in 2017 Year Review

FIRE, BRIMSTONE—Record rainfall along withfire and a rare total eclipse of the sun kept local residents on their toes in 2017. Above, U.S. Rep. Brad Sherman (D-Sherman Oaks) views the Aug. 21 solar eclipse at King Gillette Ranch in Calabasas. Below, workers try to tame a broken water valve on Lindero Canyon Road in Westlake Village on Jan. 12, just […]

Keep those darn dogs on a leash

I have been a resident of the Morrison Ranch tract since 1989. I have walked my dogs ever since the day I arrived. In the past two weeks, my dogs have been attacked twice by dogs that were not under the control of their humans. There are laws which protect us but a dog or child attacked, hurt or killed […]

It’s the New Year and that next great adventure awaits

River cruising seen as an exciting travel alternative

Everyone wants to have their dream vacation, and how can you blame them? Sailing to distant shores, strolling atop quaint European cobblestones or tasting the fine wine from a vineyard that is centuries old: These are the things that make life truly worth living. AmaWaterways, the fast-growing river cruise company based in Calabasas, is in the business of selling dreams, […]