Hilton Foundation announces winner of $2-million humanitarian prize

The International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh is the 2017 recipient of the $2-million Conrad N. Hilton Humanitarian Prize. The global health organization— known as Icddr,b—was chosen for the award by the Agoura Hills-based Hilton Foundation because of its 50-year history of implementing innovative, low-cost programs that save millions of lives around the world, according to foundation president and […]

Public gives new input on West Village

Environmental report due in January

Last November, Calabasas voters rejected the proposed construction of the Canyon Oaks hotel on Las Virgenes Road, but a new plan has been submitted to the city and the developer is hoping for more support this time around. The project is called the West Village. Construction hasn’t been approved, and city officials are still gathering information before signing off on […]

Vote on art museum coming soon

The fate of plans to see a regional art museum built on the grounds of the Civic Arts Plaza rests with the Thousand Oaks City Council, which is scheduled to vote on the matter at its Sept. 26 meeting. In October, a three-year deal between California Museum of Art Thousand Oaks and the city to reserve a 2.83-acre site for […]

Community chips in with Coastal Cleanup Day

Volunteers from across Los Angeles County turned out in droves on Sept. 16 to remove debris from more than 50 local beaches and waterways, including Medea Creek in Agoura Hills. The trash removal was part of the 33rd annual Coastal Cleanup Day, a worldwide effort aimed at keeping pollution out of the ocean. It is said to be the largest, […]

Social media debate grows intense

The national debate has taken a strange, but not unexpected, twist in recent weeks. Red states, blue states and all shades in between are showing a vigorous appetite for the new pointcounterpoint on racism, and how certain symbols of America’s longstanding hatred are still pervasive in society. A new target in the battle among righteous souls regarding the subject of […]

Support for a new Calabasas dog park

You can hear the happy barking all over the east side of Calabasas. There is strong, growing support for a dog park as a major component of the Wild Walnut Park plan. Dog-park supporters want to move forward with the plan, as our attendance and enthusiastic comments are heard at both Calabasas’s Park Commission and City Council meetings. Bow-wow! Roza […]

Agoura Hills development will bring added traffic

The article, “It’s slow and go for Agoura Village,” was on the front page last week along with another, “Few answers as traffic just creeps along.” One of the main concerns about the disastrous Cornerstone project on Kanan and Agoura roads is traffic and congestion. These two articles seem to coincide with each other very well. Traffic is getting worse […]

Our invaluable crossing guards

It is back to school for me and my son, and we look forward to our morning walks to class. We are very fortunate to live three long blocks from our elementary school. Every morning, we walk and talk. It helps set the tone for both of us for the rest of the day. During our walks, we enjoy the […]

No fan of DACA

Even under ideal circumstances, raising children is a difficult task. But millions of families gladly accept the task of bringing children into our world, doing their best to give them a good upbringing. To me, that is where Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) has failed. We now have an estimated 800,000 children that have been provided temporary immigration protection […]

Jet noise increase in Oak Park

One of the things I have truly enjoyed about Oak Park in the past was that it was peaceful. Not anymore. At least half of the time, there is jet noise now, sometimes so loud you can hear it inside with all of the windows closed. This is thanks to the new air traffic patterns implemented by the FAA. Drew […]