2017-08-03 E-Edition

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Some Agoura rec center fees go up

Because of rising demand, the Agoura Hills City Council is raising fees for groups that want to rent space in the city’s sleek recreation and event center. The center is often used for weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, and other events. The facility use fees were established in December 2014 based on going rates in the area. The fee structure […]

Colorful world of animals

New art puts a happy face on Agoura shelter

There used to just be a simple wooden sign advertising the Animal Care Center on Agoura Road. Now the driveway to the animal shelter is flanked by a kaleidoscopic cat and dog images. The eye-catching designs are part of the facility’s new look as brightly colored murals adorn the buildings, and stylized silhouettes of horses, rabbits and household pets line […]

Car thieves apprehended

Two teenagers were arrested early Tuesday in connection with a car that was stolen from the front of a home on Mohawk Avenue in Thousand Oaks and found in Agoura Hills. Ventura County Sheriff’s Office Detective Tim Lohman said witnesses saw the teens driving a white Lexus recklessly near the 101 Freeway and Chesebro Road in Agoura Hills. The alleged […]

Sign clutter

Real estate sandwich signs are unsightly, dangerous and unnecessary. Today I observed 11 such signs on a single Agoura Road corner in Thousand Oaks. What a mess. Sooner or later some senior citizen will trip over one of these signs and perhaps break some bones or teeth. Houses have been sold long before these sandwich signs came along. Sidewalks are […]


Why toilet-to-tap when there’s water aplenty?

On a recent family trip to Northern California, Whiskeytown Lake and reservoir and Shasta Lake are full to the max, up from record low levels. The water flowing from the eastern Sierras is like flood conditions, with the Owens River at the top of its banks, and even the historically dry Owens Lake is at a level that we have […]

Misinformed about shopping centers

Last week, Chris Anstead wrote a letter asking citizens to write to the City Council so that they could urge the Agoura Hills shopping centers to upgrade their appearance. I think upgrading the centers would be wonderful, if it were only up to the city to make those changes. But Mr. Anstead needs a real education. The city has been […]


Agoura Hills A garage opener and $200 worth of clothing were stolen from an unlocked car parked on Oak Creek Lane July 21. A burglar stole a $ 1,500 laptop computer, $250 worth of alcoholic beverages and a $200 photo camera, as well as a wallet containing gift cards from a home on Fountainwood Street July 29. The residents believe […]

In defense of the animal shelter

I applaud Rebecca Arvizu’s compassion for animals, but not her judgment in throwing around wild, unsubstantiated charges. Perhaps she had a bad experience at the Agoura Animal Shelter; that is no excuse for name-calling and broad generalizations that have no merit. Here is what I know: My family and I have had a long and personal relationship with the shelter. […]