Cornerstone project update

Ventura Boulevard is coming to Agoura Hills. It is the Cornerstone Project on Agoura and Cornell roads, and aptly named as it is the first project in Agoura Village, which all other projects will follow or exceed. There will be a huge, 45-foot tall, three-story building looming over Agoura Road. No space between the sidewalk and the building. Not a […]

Complicit in the death of animals

Your article about Denise Rosen was a complete whitewash of the pound under her leadership. Using euphemisms like “euthanize” and “put to sleep” instead of “killing” puts The Acorn in the category of fake news purveyors like Breibart and Fox News. Rosen and her boss, Marcia Mayeda, have been overseers of the killings of millions (sic) of adoptable animals, while […]

Need good role models

The recent story about a pro- ISIS group hacking our Ventura County Office of Education computer system should increase the mindfulness of our Conejo Valuse ley leadership and community at large. As a community, and as Americans, we should be reminded that we are all playing for the same team, especially when it comes to wanting the best possible education […]

Drive-thru blues

The suggestion that Carl’s Jr.’s new addition of a 10-car drive-thru in Westlake will not have an impact on traffic at that already congested intersection is completely ridiculous and insulting to our intelligence. Westlake Village is becoming the place I moved here to get away from. Fact: More cars will cause more traffic. Carl’s Jr. customers may want to drive-thru, […]


Agoura Hills A $200 JBL speaker and $20 USB charger were stolen from a car parked on United Road July 7. A burglar shattered a $500 car window to steal a $1,000 pink MCM backpack decorated with gold studs and containing a $100 book. The incident occurred July 6 on Oak Creek Lane. A thief stole a $2,000 laptop computer, […]


Filter basins catching on

Environmental report

You might have seen them: concrete barriers that have been popping up along the 101 Freeway as Caltrans installs new filtration systems that capture trash and remove contaminants from stormwater that flows from streets and highways into local creeks. Similar projects are underway throughout California as the state seeks to comply with waterquality standards that have been in effect since […]

Cyclists learn to hang loose, ride low and watch out

Free bike clinic offers safety tips for two-wheeled adventurers

“Loose, low and look” was the advice Mark Langton gave to a dozen cyclists as they navigated a tricky obstacle during a July 1 mountain bike skills clinic at Malibu Creek State Park. A low, relaxed posture allows riders to maintain control of their bikes as they negotiate twists and turns over uneven terrain, Langton said. Looking ahead keeps the […]

Student strikes all the right notes

Samantha Shapiro of Calabasas is the winner of the 2017 national Louis Armstrong Jazz Award for Calabasas High School. The award, which began in 1974 with the consent of Armstrong’s widow, honors the outstanding jazz musician at high schools across the nation. Although Samantha plays piano, guitar, flute and clarinet, the 17-year-old’s main instrument is the saxophone. Having just graduated […]

Hefty park pass increase

The lifetime pass that senior citizens purchase to visit American national parks will increase from $10 to $80, effective Aug. 2. Pass holders are given lifetime access to over 2,000 sites and parks. The fee pays for maintenance at U.S. national parks and federal recreational lands. The pass for people 62 years or older has cost $10 since 1994. Previously […]